Some Content You Might Want to Consider Sharing for Lead Generation

People from all ages have always been a fan of freebies. That is why in the venue of digital marketing, marketers make it a point to have some free of charge content to share (or simply put, free files to download). This technique has been used to increase traffic and when there is an increase of such, it implies a highly viewable content across digital market. However, there is more to content sharing than just boosting the traffic of business websites. It is also a method to accumulate information from real persons (not simply robot) and exploit them as reference for lead generation advertising.

            Aside from ebooks and newsletters, here are some content you might want to consider for lead generation.

Game Application – Free trials of games are pretty hard not to give in to especially for the millennials. These free games whether mobile or not can be a great pull in drawing people’s attention. Who knows? Their entertainment can take them back to you.

Tool Application – Currently, there are a lot of free application that are directed towards improving people’s mobile experience (e.g. photo or video editor applications and many more). When people download and use such applications, there are advertisements popping up. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Well, don’t get left behind! Offer a useful tool and promote your product or service.

Music – Who wouldn’t want free music? But before offering, make sure to make an arrangement with a legal digital music service company (i.e. iTunes, Spotify and etc.) to avoid piracy.

Videos – Videos are the most downloaded and shared type of content in the cyber world. There are instances when videos alter or establish the viewer’s perception about a thing and you can just used this to your advantage when marketing. The more the number of your video being downloaded, viewed or shared, the more people will know about your product or service.

Aside from the mentioned above, there are others you can explore and use. Don’t lose out on you innovative flare when it comes to content sharing.