Content Marketing in Targeting Prospects

For B2B marketing and lead generation process, prospect targeting with the use of content marketing is highly considered. Regardless the fact that competitors are out there eating out the data traffic, the good and efficient use of content marketing towards targeted prospect is a great strategy. In prospect targeting, considering the fact that your website is being visited by random yet can be categorized persona, you can divide your viewers to produce more relevant content whether if it is video blog, web content or music videos.

So before diving into making your unique content, make sure you have already qualified the type of audience you expected.

Neutral – this type of audience is new to your website or just a passerby. Since there is little interest for your content, lead generation value is depleted. Marketing method for this type is to find a way to get your audience to care or to become invested without offending them.

Hostile – this is the least audience you want on your list. They don’t care at all what is being said. So you can find a common ground, a starting point where either your audience can relate to you or you can relate to them.

Uninformed – next from the hostile, you may consider this type. They are not aware of what you are going to show, so don’t bog the audience down with too much background information.  Make sure you are still sticking to the main point you want to make in the paper.

Expert – this type is very critical towards your topic. They know and well-informed about the topic so try not to say any loophole and make sure your source are reliable. So do your research.  Don’t think that a brief overview of sources will be enough to convince this audience.

Business – this type is very timely and don’t have the pleasure to read or watch your content. So don’t waste time painting a picture or telling a story.  Get right to the point. Always make sure your audience feels as though you are considering them, not focusing on yourself.

I know you are one of these four audiences right here, so I know you can do better the next time you present your content in your marketing.