5 Calls to Action Tactics To Boost Your Email Campaign

Calls to action or CTAs in an email campaign are likely your B2B prospects’ way in to conversion funnel. Given this, are your CTAs compelling enough to deserve their click? If you answered yes, you’re on the right track and keep it up! If no, have these potent tactics aid you.

Keep it Short 

Don’t beat around the bush. Condense your CTA down to its essentials. Utilizing CTAs with short verb such as “click here” or “subscribe now” will directly reveal what you want your prospect to do.

Mind its Perceptibility

Don’t give your prospect a hard time. Your prospect should be able to tell and locate your CTA right away. To do this, you have to be particular with your CTA’s color and size. Do not use colors that will have it mixing with your email design because it will not stand out. Also, its size must be big enough but not overpowering that it takes your prospect away from your email’s content. In addition, you might want to code your CTA buttons with CSS and HTML (not just CTAs in picture formats). There are instances of images turned off by default. Make it convenient to respond despite images being deactivated.

Employ Urgency

Express the need to respond to your CTA right there and then to your prospect (e.g. “Get 25% discount while supplies last!” and “Only 100 products/slots available. Lock in your order now!”). Pressure and limiting tactics are bound to have anyone signing up.

Connect it to a Landing Page

Link your CTA to a landing page that corresponds to the email campaign you have send them. You don’t want them to be directed to your website’s homepage where they still need to find the offer you are talking about. That would be a major turn off and could lose you B2B leads.


What better way to find out your CTA effectivity and come up with better ones than testing it? Explore on what urges the best response from your prospects. One example of CTA testing is A/B split testing.

Creating powerful CTAs can give you more than just names and email contacts, B2B leads and conversion.