Dead? No, Not Really. We Can Resuscitate

When a patient has low heart rate, doctors do not immediately give up hope; they do what they can to revive their patient. Doctors can resuscitate heart and lungs that have low activity. Just like in medicine, online advertising can resuscitate dead email addresses. Marketers should not give up hope immediately on their email addresses; they should give time to check contact information to see whether they are truly inactive before relinquishing them from their databases.

Advertisers should check out their databases to see which emails are now inactive and are simply taking up the space. There are email industries that have to weigh in topic of inactive emails vexing email marketers. However there is also the topic on how to reactivate or resuscitate email addresses. The campaign of email address revival is to have a win-back setting.

The Approach

  • Altering Rate of Recurrence. To those subscribers who have lapsed in sending their responses, it should be considered in increasing or reducing the frequency of the emails. If there is a stable and expected pace of emails then the change in frequency may be enough to rouse the subscriber out of their insipidity.
  • Captivating Themed Appearances: A predictable rhythm in a theme can also put subscribers to sleep. Face it, it might be boring. But a simple alteration in scenery may be sufficient adequate to get them to open their emails and even acknowledging the subscribers’ lack of activity can generate high rates.
  • Bargains. What better way than to awaken the interest in customers than to offer bargains, discounts and promos? Surely that will capture their interest and attention once again; this would really be a motivation to once again be responsive to the emails advertisers send. Giving out discounts and promos is probably the most common and effective way of bringing back customers into the advertisers’ fold.

Advertisers know that looking for fresh contacts is not easy and so resuscitating inactive or “dead” contacts can truly save up on time and effort. Giving out discounts, changing themes and resending newsletters can never hurt and rekindle the life of connection between customers and advertisers have.