Dealing with Rude or Negative Feedbacks in B2B Email (Part 2)

Fix Things Up
Once you have know the reasons that surrounds the rude or negative feedback sent by the B2B prospect or client, you might be able to engage them in a meaningful discussion and could have the chance to explain, defend or offer compensation. This is necessary so that you can increase their experience with your brand. Always aim to meet halfway with them. It is not a good idea to leave things unresolved.

Keep it Short and Straightforward
Do not include unnecessary content in your B2B email response. Structure it in a way that would not digress to that of the B2B prospect’s or client’s issue and is direct to the point. This is to immediately get your message across them. Avoid sarcasm, cheeky remarks or jokes. Sure, we sometimes use those to just ease up the tension but it could be easily misinterpreted, biting you back especially if the B2B prospect or client is heated.

Ask for Help
In the event that you feel you’re overacting with your response or simply not confident of sending what you have written. Have someone with invaluable experience and insight go over with your work; perhaps a colleague or your manager.

End on a Friendly Note
It feels terrible after receiving bad B2B email. But no matter how rude or condescending the B2B prospect or client in the email they sent you, that should not stop you from wishing them well at the end of your email. If you can not get even by matching up their attitude, kill them with kindness instead.

Throw it Away
Clicking that garbage bin icon can be your last resort. There are instances where an email doesn’t even need a response (Troll alert! Troll alert!). Also, if you know that you have done your best to respond as professional as possible and offer a solution yet is still harassed, there are three things you can do; (1) Leave it at that and move on. (2) Escalate to another key person. (3) Block their email address.

It’s hard to be professional and nice when B2B prospects or clients are getting under your skin or hitting you below the belt. However, don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you snap. How you respond to them says more about you (or your business ) than them.