Demand Generation: A Better Means to an End

Let us say you have this quite a number of leads. However, to your surprise, the conversion was also quite less than what you expected with such a quantity of generated leads. What do you think went wrong? It might be because these leads you have acquired are half-baked. Fortunately, this is where demand generation enters the picture to prevent that situation from happening again.

As the center of targeted marketing programs, demand generation is bound to elevate the awareness and appeal for a business’ product and/or services. What is highly interesting with it is that it is like an upgraded version of lead generation. More than just generating leads that tends to emphasize quantity, demand generation has actually the capacity to produce quality leads that are sales ready. We should keep it in mind that quality leads prevent us from wasting our marketing resources and efforts to leads that have a little or no viability for conversion. However, before it undergoes the sales process, these highly eligible leads are thoroughly nurtured. Demand generation distinguishes and designates potential clients through content and inbound marketing, direct response, email marketing and pretty much various spheres of marketing and marketing programs. They are further qualified through scoring systems depending on the stage at which the client is in the conversion funnel. All these means revolving around demand generation is ultimately directed towards the end of establishing a good-natured long term relationships with clients and this is what makes demand generation a different concept from other customer acquiring schemes. Moreover, it is also important to note that the its effectivity lies in the close ties of both marketing and sales.

Currently, seeing how demand generation strategy is so critical in any business, more and more marketers have invested, and is investing more in it through diverse channels such as search engine advertising, telemarketing/cold calling, third party email marketing, direct mail and many more. Undeniably, demand generation is a trump card in B2B marketing.