Effective marketing strategies for Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while now, and it seems that it’s one of the most effective marketing strategy, businesses are currently using. Aside from being able to send out what you want your prospects to know about your business. It also helps you to familiarize how useful email marketing is.

Email marketing campaign has different kind of strategy that companies are currently using. Some are effective and some not so. But this doesn’t mean this is the only strategies out there. So what are these strategies that are effective and guarantee a positive reply?

1. Personalized Email

Personalizing your email content can help you get leads or get prospects’ attention. With each email send-out that is unique to one another, prospects won’t doubt your company email send out if it doesn’t go directly into the spam category in your email.

That being said, it’s more likely to be relied on rather been ignored. With this, you can get replies that might take an interest in you or a possible lead referral that might help your company.

2. Short or Long Subject Line
Whether it’s short or long, one thing is for sure, avoid a subject line of 60-70 character. This is the DEAD ZONE of subject length.

But deciding on the length of your subject line, the usual 70 and up can be most beneficial to engage readers through its content. While subject line of 49 characters and under test well in open rate

3. Best choice to send Email
If you’re thinking to send out emails at nine in the morning to five in the late afternoon, then you’re going to have a bad time. The best time for sending out emails is around eight in the evening until midnight.

This is where Business owners or Decision Makers can read all those emails left unread or received throughout the day.

4. Weekend Send out
Sending emails out on a Saturday morning up until Sunday at night are still one of the best choices in sending out emails. Although it still applicable to knowing your prospects as well. Whether they’re opening at night or early in the morning.

5. Move aside Facebook and Twitter
Content King still reigns, it’s ability to convert new customers rather than Facebook and Twitter. Nearly half of all customers come from e-mail send out while Facebook and Twitter share the rest. Not every business owners rely on Facebook and Twitter. Some don’t even use Social Media. Maybe for the sake of family tradition.