12 Elements to Consider when Selecting an Email Service Provider (Part 1)

Finding an Email Service Provider (ESP) for your B2B or B2C email marketing? Here are the things you need to consider before settling in with one.


Whether you’re a big or small company, you have ways in doing things that is distinct from others. The ESP you’ll select should be able to understand and honor that, tailoring themselves to compliment and maximize how your business work in terms of email marketing.

Email Template Creation and Content Editor System

These are common features found in ESPs in which you can create layouts for your email or choose from a library of ready made ones with the former and edit the content of your email to your preference with the latter. Make sure to choose the one that would offer you ease of use and efficiency. Creating great emails obviously play an important part in the success of an email marketing. Having an ESP who can’t even help you with this is just a waste of your resources.

Contact List Management

More than just allowing you to put contact details, an ideal ESP would allow you to segment it. Customize the data field even. It also lets you work on those contact details in ways that would bring out creative uses of data in emails such as email personalization.

Images and Large Files Support

If your company frequently use numerous image in your email, consider an ESP that will enable you to conveniently store and organize them. Moreover, an ESP that also permits you to attach and send lots of large sized files because modern email systems usually don’t let you send any message of over 20 or 25 MB in size and this could hinder you in sending emails in case you have many attachments such as documents, whitepapers or ebooks.

Email Automation Capabilities

One of the advantages of choosing an excellent ESP is the email marketing automation. Aside from the obvious benefit of saving you from a tedious manual work, a fine one addresses many aspects that can mean favorable outcome for any business’ email marketing; Some of it are the consistency of branding, customer engagement and retention and even streamlining the sales funnel for lead nurturing. So make sure to investigate on ESPs email marketing automation performance.


Is there anything more epic fail than employing an ESP who can’t even get your emails land on the recipient’s inbox? No? No. It’s already a pain that some emails have to be filter in the spam section or not be read at all! So don’t push your luck by selecting hastily. Check on the ESP’s deliverability credentials. Good command on how message filtering works and substantial skills to format leaving emails accurately and guarantee delivery are needed. In addition to this, you can also seek out those referring clients on an ESP and investigate how that ESP tackle deliverability issues.