Email Marketing: Boost that Open Rate!

Purchasing a contact database is not a bad idea as what others claim to say. But of course it’s just a matter of choosing the right provider. Besides, it comes with treats that can certainly help in lead generation. Take for example the offer of boosting open rates in the email marketing services of b2b list provider companies. Open rate is defined to be the metrics that measures the percentage rate of people who “view” or “open” the business email (excluding bouncing emails) send out by marketers. In this year where email campaign is amongst the marketing strategies that are still in play, there are activities that should be done in accordance to increasing business emails open rates.

  • Rid that Hard Bounces. You just have to roll your eyes out when receiving that dreadful bouncing emails. This happens when the recipient’s address is invalid or non-existent. That is why your b2b email list should be updated. Remove that invalid addresses and correct evident typos (e.g. With this the activeness and receptiveness of your email lists is ensured.
  • Segment Emails List. “The more the merrier” is simply not the case for email marketing. Small but more targeted lists can help limit the sending of business emails to people they’re relevant to. This increases the odds of your business emails being opened especially if your targeted content carries a powerful voice that echoes theirs.
  • Format for Mobile Users. There are approximately 2 billion smartphone users in the world and many people check their messages through it nowadays. In fact, leveraging mobile in email marketing is the current trend. Studies showed that emails are usually opened on a mobile device (a large percentage of those are smartphones) and is even labeled now as the “new inbox”. With this, there is an impetus to modify email messaging to a “mobile friendly” format. Most people just tend to stop accessing links in their phone if they cannot open it easily. Such is a possible outcome for businesses sites if they are not mobile optimized.

By and by, challenges emerges in relation to email marketing and there is a lot of factors to consider before taking an action. Nonetheless, B2B marketers’ continuous persistence to come up with solutions and hard work in order to establish a feasible email marketing strategy, counter these challenges.