Five B2B Content Marketing Tips for the Savvy Start-up

Being a tiny neophyte in today’s business environment can be extremely daunting. You’d have to worry about doing your own thing without getting eaten by the industry behemoths that have almost every advantage at their side. Marketing is one of the areas where established businesses have an edge, with deep pockets to reach into for branding, advertising, and sales. With such overwhelming odds, is there anything at all left for the small start-up in B2B marketing? Fortunately, there is.

B2B content marketing is the great equalizer that levels the B2B marketing playing field for big and small participants alike. As one of the foundations of inbound marketing, it’s both very effective and relatively cheap. Recent data show that 57% of companies engaged in blogging generate leads there and as much as 62% of marketers in social media claim to acquire customers via that channel while spending around 45% to 52% less than average marketing expenditures.

B2B content marketing is now being adopted by more and more businesses, regardless of size. In fact, as much as 9 out of 10 businesses listed B2B content marketing as a top priority in order to build a more prominent online presence as well as to generate leads for their B2B database. Among the popular content marketing tactics are blogging, article posting, and social media.

So where does this leave you? It means you should start forming your own B2B content marketing strategy right now. To start with, these tips should help you out:

1. Have the right mindset.
In their book Content Rules, Handley and Chapman describes that, in order to succeed in B2B content marketing, you have to think like a “publishing company” at all times. This means you have to regularly create and share content as well as plan way ahead of time. Aside from substance, consistency is the next important thing in B2B content marketing.

2. Start with something you’re good at.
Most newcomers to B2B content marketing easily becomes overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of tactics to choose from. In fact, the average company uses 8 B2B content marketing tactics – from articles, blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, EBooks, etc. The secret is to find a tactic that you’re good at and start from there.

3. Rethink, don’t reuse.
Handley and Chapman point out that, although it’s acceptable to recycle existing content, it’s more preferable to present the same content in a different way. For example, if you have a video of yourself speaking at a conference already uploaded online, you could have the audio transcribed and published as a blog post.

4. Publish consumable and digestible content.
In a world where attention span is measured in nanoseconds, many experts recommend that you should create and publish content that can be consumed within a few short minutes. This is an excellent technique especially when you’re making an implied call to action, such as letting people join your B2B leads database or something similar.

5. Make your content easy to find.
Your content should be easy for your readers to find as well as for search engines to locate. You can use a variety of tools such as promoting your content via social media or social bookmarking as well as a number of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make your content reach people outside your network or online community.