Social Media Marketing: 2 Ways to Generate B2B Leads through Twitter

Twitter is another platform used in social media marketing. It does not have Facebook’s easy targeting capabilities but some of its features are really helpful in B2B leads generation. Even though conversion rates in Twitter are low compared to other social media, B2B marketers are still investing on this platform simply because potential clients are here. This is a basic rule in marketing, go after where your prospects are.

Generating B2B Leads through Twitter Chat

             Most of the Twitter chats utilizes a specific hashtag so that Twitter users can take after a discussion. How can you use this to generate B2B leads? There are two ways to join a Twitter chat, follow an existing one through a hashtag or create and host your own. Either will work as long as you consider its significance to your business and potential clients would take an interest in it enough to participate. This is to guarantee that you pick up visibility with the right audience. In participating or hosting a Twitter chat, it would be preferable to make a good impression and not jump in on a sales pitch. Ask questions if you have to, answer knowledgeably and lay out your comprehension of the business being tackled and your business services. You can follow potential clients from this Twitter chat and with the right timing, message them personally so that you can suggest content links and marketing materials that will promote your competency and what your business could give them. Be warm but calculated when establishing a relationship with them because too much pitching might irk them off and you will lose those leads.

Generating B2B Leads through Twitter Cards

         These Twitter Cards is also known as Lead Generation Cards. Released way back summer of 2013 and now, B2B marketers’ very proficient lead generation tool. It is proven to have been effective in reducing the normal expense per click while raising the quantity of click-throughs. Your followers can forward their contact information in a click through this lead generation card so long as you connect it to your twitter profile and tweets. You can make, tweak, send, and monitor your Twitter cards. Start off by going to account settings, click Twitter ads and scroll over to the Creatives dropdown menu. Supply details in the necessary fields and don’t forget to add a touch of creativeness. When you are finish, you can explore on the manner of how you want to tweet and deliver your card. You can get your leads information through coordinating your CRM with Twitter. If you don’t have one or simply does not prefer it this way, you can resort to the downloadable lead information list in Twitter. Moreover, you can keep tabs on the performance of your Twitter cards by going over the Analytics dropdown menu.

               Twitter is all over the place and is very convenient. This bodes well to use Twitter as it expands your potential reach.