Get That C-Level Executives Read Your Business Email

If you think it’s easy to make C-Level Executives read your business email, think again.

Using email marketing as a channel in B2B marketing processes is definitely easy. You wouldn’t even break a single sweat in sending business emails. But getting those big shot C-Level executives to read those? Whether from big or small marketing firm, true-blooded marketers would know the struggle. To be able to compel them to read and be engage in your business email is a real tough job especially that their email address is covered with technical blockades that filters out spams and unexpected email messages. As much as any marketer would want to have a cheat sheet on this, there simply isn’t.

However, this is not a reason for any marketers to stop trying in making these C-Level executives read their business email with innovative techniques. Here are some ways to leverage sending business emails to these superior prospect clients.

Provide a Description of Their Company – Solely advocating how you can help a company is not enough. Why? This leaves no impression especially to companies that does not demand assistance from other business associates. Probe a little about what they do and then introduce the significant help you can give them in connection to this investigation you have done. Take for example, a definitive research or survey about sales progression in advertisement services if your target company is the mentioned business.

Propose Discounts and Trials – Many B2B marketing companies manages SaaS (Software as a Service). Offer them at least three days free trial to give them a taste of your service; or tempt them with discounts.

Present Assertive Numbers – These corporate people think in digits. If you think you’re capable and confident in making it happen, give them irresistible but reasonable figures like 50% increase on their sales rate. Surely, not something they can keep their hands off.

Pick a Schedule for that Business Email – It’s a given how busy these people are. Yet, they would still find time to go over these business emails during lunch or after working hours. It’s important that you choose the most preferable time when to deliver your email blast.

Prevent Your Business Email from Becoming a Spam – Of course, how can you make these C-Level executives read your business email if it gets filtered in that horrible spam section? Don’t let that happen! Avoid violating anti-spam regulations and you’re good to go!

Sure, it’s a hard task getting them to peruse your business emails but nothing you can handle in order to get that B2B leads.