How A Business Email List Can Impact Consumers

While a business email list is technically used for B2B processes like lead generation, you can be surprised at how such lists will impact consumers. On the other hand, nobody can blame you for not considering such impacts. When you see industry leaders get so steeped in big business, you think their influence never reaches past the guys in suits.

Your Business Email List And The Average Buyer

Still, that image of the B2B world can be a tad unrealistic at times (especially in certain sectors). In fact, some of these sectors are so consumer-oriented, approaching them requires the touch of advertising visuals, short pitches, and marketing gimmicks. All of these would normally be the last methods of choice when approaching something as high-end as B2B. But if your contact database has recently included such businesses, now would be the time to rethink your usual approach.

Although, exactly what kind of businesses are these that you would need to put the average buyer in the picture?

  • Small businesses – First off would be small businesses (usually of the mom-and-pop variety). These are businesses which more or less have a high intereaction with their customers (or at least should be). If you are providing something that touches on that relationship (even something as simple as a cash register), then clearly you should visualize it in their setting in order to reach out.

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  • Online businesses – The online version of your traditional store, people who have entire shops on Ebay or Amazon still cater to consumers. While you can expect such businesses to make for a long business email list, pay attention if what you are offering might impact the way customers can buy their products, how they engage with them, or even just how they deliver.
  • Amusement companies – This can be a very broad category and you never know what you might find under it. The thing about companies on this type of business email list is that they are actually quite huge (think Disney World huge). This makes the great B2B markets but this also puts them right in the middle of a major consumer experience. The need to consider consumer viewpoint does not get glaring enough.

One of the positives of such highly consumer-oriented businesses is that they put themselves in their customers’ shoes. They are ready to embrace what their customers have embraced just to get in touch (e.g. social media, web marketing). That is not necessarily good news for you if you are not used to that kind of marketing experience yourself.

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Granted, there might still be some level of B2B marketing elements that you need to retain (setting appointments, discussing business performance, measuring costs) but guess what? The consumer experience will impact those as well. It will set your prospect’s buyer disposition. And as a result, having them on your business email list will affect their consumers in turn.

So the next time you look at your list with the impression of the big world of B2B, look twice. You might find B2B sales leads that behave not much differently from average consumers.