How to Avoid Email Blacklists for Small Businesses

The bane of any email marketing campaign is becoming part of an email blacklist. Being blacklisted means that your emails get blocked and, as a result, can no longer reach some or all of your target recipients. To make matters worse, getting out of blacklists is typically quite a messy ordeal. That’s why blacklist prevention is the better option according to most email marketing and business database providers.

Email blacklists work by blocking emails coming from a listed IP address. Once your IP address has been blacklisted, any email you send will no longer get through to the recipients involved. There are many causes of why you end up being blacklisted. It could be due to suspicious activity on your part, a lack of due diligence on the part of database providers, or complaints from your recipients. But, whatever the reason may be, here are the steps to avoid being blacklisted.

The first step is to check your database of recipients for validity and completeness. You have to make sure that each address in your list is a valid one. You always have to provide your recipients the choice to opt-in and agree to receive emails from you. If you’re working with database providers, you have to get to know them closely and understand how they build their lists. For example, check if Australia database providers also do double opt-in protocols.

The next things to check are the elements in your email marketing campaign. You have to make sure that the scheduling and frequency of your emails are within acceptable levels. In addition, you must check the consistency between your name and email address to avoid being labeled suspicious. You also need to determine if some text in your message resemble spam characteristics as these are often the next criterion for blocking.

These are the preventive measures you can take against email blacklists. Being blacklisted is nothing short of a marketing nightmare. So exercise caution in your campaign and consult your database providers for more assistance.