How to Effectively Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The debate on email marketing versus social media marketing is a complete waste of time. Rather than hammer away at their differences, why not focus on how to combine their strengths into one seamless marketing plan? Social media and email marketing lists work well together. In fact, they complement each other.

Combining email and social media marketing involves looking at three major processes: content repurposing, email to social media integration, and social media to email link. Each of these has their own set of tactics that help fuse together email and social media into a single workable strategy. Here are some of the ways to achieve this.

Repurposing Content. Whenever you’re trying to link an email marketing campaign with social media marketing, it helps to have article or blog content which can easily be readapted and redeployed to fit any of these channels. If you’re trying to build Singapore marketing lists, for example, it’s probably helpful to tell your Twitter followers to read the full article plus updates by subscribing to your newsletter service.

Email to Social Media. Allowing your subscribers to share or connect your newsletter content to social sites is a great way to grow your marketing lists. By giving them the ability to redistribute your material to their personal or professional networks, you’re looking at an exponential increase in brand awareness with very minimal resources committed.

Social Media to Email. By leveraging your fan base in social networks, you’re tapping into a huge pool of new prospects waiting to be reached. Adding opt-in forms on your Facebook page is among the most effective ways of looking for new subscribers. Redirecting your YouTube channel subscribers or Twitter followers to your email sign up page is also a good practice to expand your marketing lists.

These are some of the techniques you can take advantage of in order to really bring email and social media marketing together in a productive way. This combination, along with the help of a good marketing lists provider, can take your small business to newer heights.