How to – FAIL at List Buying

Many companies buy business lists as a way of keeping their sales engine running. Through buying business lists, they can get the leads they need in order to make their campaign succeed. But for a marketer that doesn’t want to succeed, then here are some tips on how you can FAIL at buying business lists.


  • Disregard prices – Usually, buying a business list from a list provider doesn’t always mean that price denotes how good the lists that they sell are. Sometimes, a cheaper list could be better than a more expensive one, and vice versa. But if you want to fail at buying lists, then disregard prices. Buy cheaper ones, buy more expensive ones. As long as you buy a list without as much as thinking about how their prices impact their quality, you’re sure to fail at it.
  • Don’t care about privacy-compliance – For a marketer, facing legal issues because of using a list thats was not properly cleansed is one of the biggest problems to face. They could risk losing a lot of money due to a simple error, all because they bought the wrong list. But if you don’t want to succeed in buying lists, then ignore privacy. A market who wants to fail at list buying will buy any list without as much wanting to care about if the list adheres to privacy-compliance rules. This is a sure-fire way to do so.
  • Buy lists you don’t need – A marketer that wants to succeed will put some well-placed thought into each dollar he/she is about to spend in a certain list he/she needs to help the campaign keep on going strong. A marketer that wants to fail at it will not think about the type of list they need and just buy lists off the bat, even if they don’t need that type of list. So if you don’t want to succeed at it, don’t put some thought into what you’re buying.

For a marketer that wants to fail at list buying, these tips should help greatly. For a marketer that wants to succeed, look forward to the next post where we turn the tables and give tips on how to succeed at list buying.