How to Generate Feedback from Your C-level Email Recipients

In email marketing, it’s not enough to just grab your reader’s interests alone. Generating feedback from recipients is an equally-important step in email campaigns. This is even more essential when dealing with contacts from a c-level executive list. Because insights from these decision makers are quite valuable, you have to be able to get their take on issues, and here’s how.

Include a feedback option. It’s important to let contacts from your executive list know that you want them to share their feedback about something in your message. Most email marketers recommend adding a feedback link immediately after each article or text. This not only tells your readers that their thoughts are welcomed but also shows them where and how to indicate their comments.

End with a yes-no question. A good way to generate some kind of response from your email readers is to end your message or article with a closed-ended question regarding a certain point. Although these questions normally require only a “yes” or a “no,” some readers like those from an executive list service provider may offer an accompanying explanation for their response.

Ask for opinions. Explicitly asking for comments and opinions on your email’s content is by far the best source of reader input. Readers more readily form and express their opinion on newsletters with well-thought content if they’re properly asked to do so. However, the topic and content need to be engaging enough to warrant this type of response.

Make a stand. Including your views on relevant issues as part of your marketing email is another effective way to gather some feedback from your readers. Recipients from your executive list tend to be interested and responsive to your thoughts on certain matters especially if they see you as an authority in such areas. But it’s important to watch your tone when expressing your opinion. You don’t want to offend anybody or lose your credibility.