How to – Succeed at Buying Lists

If you’ve read our previous post on how to fail at buying lists, then here we’re going to turn the tables and talk about how you can succeed at buying business lists. After all, buying business lists are an essential part of how some companies and businesses keep their sales pipelines filled with business contacts and B2B leads. So, here are the tips to succeeding in buying lists.



  • Prices are not everything – In buying business lists from a list provider, you cannot base everything on the prices of the lists that are up for sale. Just because one list vendor sells the same list at a cheaper price does not mean that it has lesser quality than the more expensive alternative, in fact it could be a better buy than the more expensive one. So when picking and buying lists, don’t just focus on prices.
  • Care about privacy-compliance – You really don’t want to be on the receiving end of legal matters when doing business. For example, you buy a telemarketing list and end up calling a prospect that is on the DNC (do not call) roster, and well, things may take a turn for the worst. This can result from accidentally buying lists that have not been properly cleansed for such leads, and of course lists that have not been made in accordance to privacy-compliance rules. So if you want to succeed in buying lists, keep a keen watch on such things.
  • Buy the lists you need – To succeed in buying lists, you need to make sure that you only buy the lists you need. If you have a telemarketing campaign in place, then buy a telemarketing list. If you have a direct mailing and email marketing campaign, then buy direct mailing lists and email lists. Buy only the lists you need for specific campaigns in order to get your money’s worth and get better results by using lists that were made for their intended purposes.

These tips to buying lists should help you when you want to get your money’s worth when you purchase lists for your company.