Humanizing Your Business Email List

Sometimes when you see a business email list, you have a tendency to exaggerate the images of your prospects. In some cases, the exaggeration comes as a result of seeing their position in your prospect companies. However, that little tendency is not always a good thing. It has been a case throughout history that when people forget the humanity of others, a lot of bad stuff happens.

Seeing People On Your Business Email List

Sure, when it is B2B, you have to focus on the bigger picture. Getting too personal with an individual decision maker is very unprofessional. More than that, it can also be very taxing on your email marketing services to personalize individual messages.

That does not change the fact that your prospects are still people.

To emphasize this point, these are some of the things people are not:

  • People are not machines – A business email list is not just a list of addresses full of spam filters that you bypass with a little optimization. Do remember that once your email does pass through, it is still going to be read. If not by your target decision maker, it could still be read by their secretary and that secretary is still a human being who reads just like any other.
  • People are not gods – Many things go wrong if you view your leads with so much fear and trembling. Just because they are way up the corporate ladder does not mean they are invulnerable. They are not omnipotent. As a matter of fact, why would you be emailing them if you did not know there was a product or service that might assist them in their work?

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  • People are not animals – They cannot be tamed with just simple treats like discounts or freebies. Your average human being has everything he or she needs to be critical when evaluating offers. If you really have something that will take their interest, focus on that. Do not spend so much on side-dishes or knickknacks.
  • People are not tools – Perhaps the biggest reason why decision makers dislike being on a business email list is because they do not like being used. They do not like being manipulated and toyed. Therefore, your emails should always avoid giving that impression.

Now you know what people are not, here is one thing that people are. People are social beings. This is something you must acknowledge and can acknowledge regardless of method. Your focus should be about bridging gaps, building long term relationships, and just being a great help to your B2B customers.

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So many things that are wrong in the business world (and just wrong in the whole world in general) is dehumanization. Whether it is seeing someone as beyond or beneath, it ultimately sets you up with a false impression. The next time your lead generation services take a look at your business email list, you are looking at a list of real people.