I Trust You!

Everyone needs to trust somebody. In the world of online marketing, marketers would need to establish reliability between their customers. But before catering to the needs of customers, marketers should start off with building a trustworthy email list.

Question is: how can a marketer assemble trust through their email marketing campaign?

Then here are some tips on how to explore the role of acknowledgement, competence and at ease.

Trustful Tips

  1. Clear Opt-in. “No lies”. A marketer should always be reminded when they are collecting addresses is to make sure that people know that whatever course of action they wish to take, they are taking means that their addresses will be added to the marketer’s email list. It is then that they can make a clear choice. Trust comes through clarity or transparency; there is no need to hide or disguise the opt-in.
  2. Respecting Privacy and Assuring it. “Please respect my privacy”. The marketer should also provide reassurance that their email addresses are handled very well that they will not be used for unlawful means. However, there are certain approaches that can give positive or negative feedbacks on the rates of customers signing up. There is no harm in trying different strategies and approaches in which would work well and compliment the marketer’s program.
  3. Recommendations. “I trust you”. It would really be trustworthy to get recommendations from family and friends. Just like getting recommendations from trusted sources for information brands and messaging. It would be a great boost to post testimonials from happy customers who are truly satisfied with the products and services.
  4. Easy to Leave. “I love you so I’m letting you go”. Make it easy for customer to subscribe. Actually, making it easier to unsubscribe can get more subscribers since customers will have the impression that this marketer is not too tight on its clients. The impression of having freedom to choose can be essential in gaining customer trust.
  5. Quick Processes for Unsubscribers. “Let us get this over quickly!” Processing requests as quickly as possible can avoid spams as well. Also, some customers might see the sluggish processing of their discharge as a way of disrespecting their decision of leaving. Customers will not welcome any more mails once they leave the subscription list, even if those emails are officially still permitted to be sent.