Immunization of Databases

There are many diseases all around the world that scientists, researchers and doctors have finally produced vaccinations so that people would finally be immune from these diseases. Email marketing can also develop immunity for diseases such as inactive emails or sudden changes of email addresses.

Universally speaking, statistics show that 30% of the email addresses in the list will annually change or become inactive. This figure is quoted by experts who all over the email marketing industry mention to a contagious disease in online marketing and every email database suffers from it.

Why the Worry?

Even that percentage can reduce the email program’s deliverability, open rates, click-through and overall performance. That percentage is often times referred to as “List Churn”. This condition would produce a net result of reduced revenues and profits. This does not sound so welcoming, does it? List Churn also forces marketers to spend more and more of their budget for marketing on costly customer acquisition campaigns since with a 30% annual attrition rate, the database is shrinking right in front of the marketer’s threshold.

Things to Watch Out For

Just like a pathological disease would plague the world, this database sickness manifests its symptoms. These should be the things a marketer should watch out for:

  • Hyperactivity. People are dynamic; they move and they do not remain static. Marketers should watch out for any activities such as change of address or Internet Service Providers.
  • Unevenness. When email messages are sent out too frequently, subscribers are sure to get annoyed. However, when sending out with great lapses since the last, subscribers would also forget what they subscribed for. There should be balance.
  • Stupor. The subscribers’ interests should match with the content in the database list.
  • Infrequent Cleaning. The hygiene of the database should also be maintained. Validating emails and addresses before adding them into the database is a practice that should be done without hesitation.
  • Throbbing and Discomforts that Do Not Go Away. When problems arise such as no requirement to send out emails from subscribers who have listed to different divisions, it is time to heighten awareness of database immunity.


Validating email addresses the moment they are registered and checking out spams. There should also be constant inspection of links and renders through main providers.