Infographic – A Study of Consumer Attitudes Towards Digital Marketing

More and more consumers are going online in order to conduct research before they buy a certain product, the figure being at 66%. More statistics show that 57% of consumers recommended their email-inspired purchase to their friends. Another 42% of consumers stated that being engaged through emails was the primary driver to their social networking usage and activities.

With those figures, nearly half of consumers are willing to act as brand advocates to promote an email-inspired purchase of a certain product on social networking sites they are active on.

As these numbers grow, so will the understanding that marketers must now utilize email offers to the fullest in marketing their products and services to consumers they are connected to through their social media campaigns.

It seems like business email lists now play even bigger roles in connecting with consumers and making email offers in regards to specific products and services.

One of the regions in which email usage remains strong is in Asia-Pacific region. A high number of consumers stated that offers via email inspired their offline purchases. In fact, statistics show that above 50% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are more likely to make an offline purchase after having received an email offer.

With such numbers, it is easy to see just how powerful a tool email marketing is, and that does not apply just to the Asia-Pacific region. We can make use of email marketing services to connect with consumers and promote our offers, thus increasing business and sales.

Here is an infographic to help you understand the impact of email marketing on consumer behavior, as well as their overall attitude towards digital marketing services, business email list