Informal Business Email List – Is It Worth Using?

The title is actually a tricky phrase. The question you should actually ask first is what defines an informal business email list? More specifically, which part of the list is informal: the list itself or the businesses on it?

A Business Email List Constructed With Informal Means

If the list itself is informal, it means that it has been gathered using informal means. The formal way is often synonymous with the professional way or the big-business way. You cannot afford to hire a large team of marketers. You cannot afford to train them and equip them with whatever method you would prefer.

So instead, you do it yourself, starting from scratch, and do everything in your own ability to qualify your sales leads. This includes:

  • Starting with businesses your close friends might be running.
  • You use social media to start networking.
  • You might even have to attend conventions and events just to know who is who.

Noble and cunning as that may sound, you have to admit that you are not being very efficient. The purpose of a business email list is supposed to save you the time spent on marketing activities, not the other way around. If you are trying to pick up the pace, doing things informally might not be the best choice. Furthermore, it is not even that expensive to buy if you know how to manage the costs.

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A Business Email List Full Of Informal Businesses

In contrast, suppose you already have bought an email list but somehow, it contains very informal businesses. And by informal, the people running these businesses are not really the big-business type. These are the kinds you would see run by regular people or those who fulfill a niche for the fun of it. In fact, it is a bit of an irony that the larger your own B2B firm is, your size would only intimidate your small business targets. How do you approach these people?

You have to tone down the formality until your prospect is comfortable. Instead of using informal approaches to build a business email list, use them to compliment the strategies when marketing to that list. Refrain from setting up long and fancy meetings. Simplify things by talking them over the phone or chatting them up on a social media group before emailing.

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Asides from that, here are few things your salespeople can additionally implement when they finally meet a prospect.

  • Blend in – If you are actually meeting at the prospect’s place, refrain from standing out too much. It would be awkward to arrive at, say, a school house or a farm dressed in a suit (no matter how nice or prim it would look).
  • Focus on what is important– Impressions aside, your salespeople should only focus on what is important. What does the prospect want? What do they really need? How is your product, despite its big-business image, fit in to their own informal business?
  • Show you are always available – If they need more time to think or better yet, made the deal but would like future inquiries, be available. Give them a number or an email address just like you would any client. Do not make them go to any big offices but respond quickly (and if need be, dispatch quickly as well).

The label informal is not always a black-and-white issue in business. Your email marketing services should quickly identify what part of the list is informal and act accordingly.