Is Your Business Email List Hard To Buy?

The information on a business email list is highly valuable. You should not be surprised that it has become increasingly hard to buy. You think drugs and firearms are the only business under regulation? Do not underestimate the damage criminals can do with contact information.

As a matter of fact, unlike phone numbers, what you see as a list of email addresses is a safe full of passwords in the eyes of hackers and other cyber criminals. Give enough malicious intent and determination, even average hackers can put together something dangerous to exploit that list.

Securing A Business Email List

You might think that since this is a list of business emails, you doubt that some amateur newbie from Anon can just crack the big and fancy corporate firewall.

Well here is the bad news: not businesses have that kind of protection. In fact, that list could have the email of your next door neighbor if that neighbor just so happens to run a small shop. (On a side note, you should know even large corporations have had major hack attacks before.) You think lead generation only targets the likes of Warren Buffet? If you have been in B2B marketing for long, you would know that you have better chances targeting small before thinking big.

That is why many providers do their best to secure this information and limit its acquisition to businesses who will use them only for professional purposes. As much as this makes it harder for some to acquire a business email list, understand that their process is only to ensure you do your part in keeping other businesses safe. And on the bright side, they also do not forget how much businesses need that information for finding opportunities to grow (or at least stay afloat).

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To make things easier on yourself though, here is a list of tips to follow if you want to acquire your business email list without any hitches.

  • Understand the buying process – For a start, get a firm grasp of how you actually pay your provider. Do you use a credit card? PayPal? Do you even have to talk to a representative before buying? Knowing the answer is enough to give you an idea of how they screen prospects. Some people use stolen credit card information to trick vendors into divulging an email list. Do not be confused with those types.
  • Check their delivery process – Is the information downloadable or do they offer alternatives that you find more secure? There are actually many ways to keep all the different delivery methods safe (much like how valuables are placed in only the most secured transports during transit). Picking one though is important so that you will know their protocols for it.
  • Read their policies – While this might set you up for a long, arduous read, you should at least try to understand the policies of your provider before you start complaining. In fact, you can even just ask them up front before buying your business email list. There is more service that they can provide than just data.

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In B2B marketing, time can be just as critical as money. However, just as it is bad to cut financial corners, the same goes when you try to demand faster service at the cost of security. No matter how fast you want to start your B2B appointment setting, understand why some things have to be checked even if it makes it hard to buy a business email list.