Is Your Contact Database Like Santa’s Sack?

To an eager B2B company, a stuffed contact database can be like Santa’s sack of toys. Inside, there awaits many wonderful business opportunities and they are all for the business to pursue. However, have you forgotten that Santa does not just use any old sack? No, he uses a very magical one and your contact database should not be anything less.

How Your Contact Database Can Be Like A Magical Sack

In case you are wondering, it is actually very important that your contact database has the same mystical traits as St. Nick’s big, old bag of toys. These are the same traits that keep your data secure as well as valuable to your appointment setting process.

Here are those traits:

  • Gifts are labeled – Naturally, the gifts inside have to be labeled or Santa would not know who to give them to. There are so many inside after all. Likewise, you obviously need names in your contact database or else you would not know who to call.

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  • Can hold a lot – Speaking of which, with so many gifts, only magic can explain why that little bag has not burst. Coincidentally, a contact database shares the same capacity. They can (and should) hold a lot of information.
  • Does not drop – Santa has gifts for all the good children so it is only logical to believe his bag prevents these gifts from falling out. This is the exact equivalent to a contact database that keeps its data secure. There are no holes or leaks. Information stays safely tucked inside.
  • Very durable – Being a bag on an open sleigh is not as peachy as it sounds. Flying through the sky at night exposes it to a lot of elements yet that sack still stays in one piece. Why should your contact database be any less durable? While Santa’s bag only has snow and a bumpy ride, your contact database is exposed to the threats of hackers as well as hardware damage.

Finally, despite all that magic, do not forget that Santa’s little sack plays an important role: it holds all the gifts meant for the nice children in the world. Those gifts represent the spirit of giving that Santa Claus embodies to everyone young and old.

In a sense, your business contact database is also the same. This database is not just for making sales, making money, and then just moving on. Each entry is a chance to do something for another business and help each other grow. You can have the largest contact database on the planet but if you use it without the spirit of service, you will not enjoy that much success with it.

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The best part though is there is no magic secret behind making a contact database that is just like Santa’s bag of gifts. Simply label the contents, keep it big and strong, and realize that your B2B sales leads inside are people you want to devote yourself to.