Marketing your Marketing Services

How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, they will become an asset of the marketing strategy of the brand. Take a look at the label of your bottle and you will realize that upon buying that, you are encouraging other people to buy that product.

On the contrary, marketing firm will have to think of another strategy in marketing. Wouldn’t it be too obvious if someone will tell you they are marketing their marketing service? Do you think its kind a redundant to think that someone is actually bannering marketing too obviously? This is the main problem of which B2B marketing are having, people don’t always wanted to become a marketing tool.

  1. Being too obvious in introducing their service
  2. Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING”
  3. Business owners know advertisement more that marketing

          Being too obvious in introducing their service. Marketing service is not a joke, and looking for people who actually need it is far more than a serious joke. Marketing your marketing service is double the challenge in marketing. Imagine people hate marketers and giving them a slap face idea that you are marketing your service will make them hate you even more. Then how could we counter this?

          Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING.” In a survey in 2013 in US, it has been found out that business owners don’t exactly know and need marketing service. One reason found that, why should one need a market if the market is already in the vicinity. Right! That is correct, business owners are not so confident if other people will introduce or the right term “market” their product or service.

          Business owners know advertisement more that marketing. But why is this so? The term advertising has become a popular term especially for the masses, while marketing on the other hand became a less known and less use in terms of business propaganda. The term marketing is how we deliver the business while advertising is how we let them know about our business.

          Indeed, so to answer the main question. B2B marketers must be specific on how we deliver the term marketing to our audience. We just have to say it clear that we marketers are annoying and yes that is true but we must explain that we are just trying to help their business find potential buyers. Isn’t that easy? Now, marketer around the corner must remember the term exactly because nowadays it seems that they are only concern more of being an advertiser more than being a marketer.