Nail that Apology With These Simple Steps

Clients (whether prospects or existing) are treated as valuable assets. Crossing a line and having them upset or discourage at you and/or your business can do some serious damage. Correspondingly, you need to say you’re sorry and set things right with them. Consider the following steps below.

  • Address them properly and always, always make the tone of your voice apologetic. It will imply that something is off but this may get you on their good side. You have to be cautious on how you begin with your approach. This is one of those times where these clients gauge your level of professionalism, especially if you’re giving an undesirable news.
  • When you have established your approach, go over the details of the problem to them. Double-check all the errors and ensure that the issues at hand involve them significantly. Express these issues clearly and concisely along with how you were able to determine the problem.
  • You will not impress them with that patented “This won’t happen again.” line. If you do say it, mean it. They would want to see that everything you’ve got is exhausted to solve the issues. As what they say, “Action speaks louder than words”. Seeing results from these efforts will also serve as a confirmation of the benefit they will have from your business.
  • In the event that you have settled the issues, you need to apologize for having inconvenienced them and give them a genuine gratification for their understanding, if not, patience in dealing with all of it. Clients need to feel that they are being taken care of and you need to live up to that by showing them how sincere you are.

Mistakes are inevitable in business and there is no such thing as “a quick fix” just by saying you are sorry. However, if you couple that apology with sincerity and actions to make things right then that will certainly make the difference.