No Replies, No Calls

Questions are raised on how to reactivate dormant subscribers in their database. In most cases there are 30%-40% of email database that can be considered inactive. Augment this to the number of hard rebounds that amass regularly as a result of normal list churn: there is approximately 30% per year. This is how difficult it is for campaigns for customer acquisition to be kept at a steady pace.

Internet Service Providers of ISPs are getting more and more reliant on addressee appointment levels in order to evaluate senders and regulate inbox settlement, having a high rate of unresponsiveness on the list can demonstrate to be catastrophic if left abandoned.

Here are some significant points to look into for a marketer who wants to have an active database:

Points to Look Into

  • Re-engage. There is a portion of inactive subscribers might be the result of hard rebounds, there are many records that become inactive simply as a result of subscribers changing their email addresses of having a separate preferred email account. Sadly, there is no 100% successful rate of how to tell so; the only way to do it, a campaign dedicated to reactivation should breathe life into the once-dormant communication line.
  • Keeping Expectations in Check. Consider that many of the subscribers in the database fall into the “changed address” category; the addresses that were submitted to months ago are no longer their preserved addresses. Obviously, the advertiser is not notified and has no way of communicating with them whatsoever. Searching and finding subscribers’ new preferred addresses can serve as a new way to serve as the first step in re-establishing communication. Communication may have been severed previously, but these are customers that were once tied to the advertiser and it is a good opportunity for the advertiser to be once again welcomed into their contact lists.

A Reactivation campaign that is well-planned by advertisers will help revitalize lost relationships, deepen customer engagement and drive revenues or contributions in the case for that does not reap profit. The addition of a solid customer acquisition strategy to the mix and the advertiser can expect to keep their list successful and thriving in the many years to come.