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Quality Audience Data and its Origin

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 14, 2015

One trend in database management in B2B marketing and lead generation come the quality of data being gathered and used in the business. Database manager’s most common problem is how will they look and find a quality target in their database. Often they would come up with the idea of prioritizing quality leads in order to have a good number as results.

In the article 5 ways to evaluate the quality of audience data, wherein the procedure from the writer are briefly discussed in order to have a comprehensive understanding how quality audience are derive to produce. The key term buying audience are defined thoroughly such fetching the data from a original source up to the second and third party outlet herein. The critical understanding is that not all data area created equal thus implying that some data are just junk.

The framework of evaluating the quality audience data herein are summarized for you not get bored while reading it. There are rubric of evaluation as follows: source, mechanism, methodology, freshness, and price.

The source or the point of origin or in other words which one’s data came from. One must understand in order to know how much you will be getting. It starts from the first party or your own websites. The visitors are being saved and this is the most quality in all data being gathered upon. Next is the second party data or from someone else’s website you know that helps you gather more visitor. Lastly is the third party that usually comes from an unknown party or can hardly be verified. Third party data generally come from data management platforms.

Here and there you can choose from where your quality data will come from. Suggestion for the first party website is the best because of this, direct contact from the lead customer is much higher and the verification are less longer.

The second party in the moment is less quality but not because it does not come from you. Keep in mind that these data comes from another source in which the chance of having a quality data and lead are subjected to 50 percent reduction. Thus also the second party sources are already second hand and not raw. That means that the sources are much likely have been offered already by the first party from where it came from.

Lastly is the third party contributor on your data by which it aggregate and normalize audience data from a multitude of data providers, publishers, and other sources. Due to the opacity of most third-party data, it’s prudent not to automatically assume that it is of high quality or from a trusted source. Keep in mind that the freshness (or data age) is often unknown, and most third-party data providers rely on browser cookies as the underlying mechanism.

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Stepping up in Lead Generation

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 10, 2015

It’s not new to us the multi-channel media has been a great asset in generating leads. It’s known too well by many B2B marketers around the globe and has been making a lot of innovation. The ground-breaking announcement of Facebook will lead B2B marketers to a whole new level again in looking for more alleys […]

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Saving Up Space With The Contact Database For Email Marketing

Is Your Contact Database Prepped for Survival?

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 28, 2015

Zombies aren’t the only ways you can have an apocalypse. But more to the point, the post-apocalyptic setting is best known for themes like survival in a world where everything you took for granted is no more. For B2B lead generators and inside sales professionals, a scenario like that can come by without you realizing […]

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business list

How Getting Contact Lists Help You Get Smaller Details

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 20, 2015

Even the best vendors don’t always give you the complete profile of your target market. Sometimes most of them just give you a set of phone numbers plus legitimate emails to send to. It might not be helpful for when you’re looking for a prospect’s LinkedIn profile or want to send a return call straight […]

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Advertising company

Using Lead Generators for a Corporate Yard Sale

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 13, 2015

What are the usual goals of a yard sale? Mostly it’s just to get rid of old stuff you don’t need anymore. Still, it also involves selling old stuff you didn’t know you had but realized could make a few good bucks. The latter can actually be an interesting business model for lead generators.

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I Trust You

Expanding Business Contacts Requires More than Upsizing

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 6, 2015

When marketing and sales professionals talk of expanding a database, it usually just means adding more names. At worse, it only adds to a diluted, outdated storage of faulty information but at best, it means you’re looking to acquire more customers. However, it’s still just an upsize. There’s more to expanding your business contacts than […]

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marketing goals

Contact Lists and Academy Nominees Have One Thing In Common: They’re a Gamble

posted by Margaret Spencer on February 26, 2015

One could even say that even the Oscars themselves are a big gamble as far as relevance goes. (Apparently, the ceremony’s viewership has never been this worst since 2009.) It goes without saying that the list of Academy Award contenders easily compares with that of a supposedly high-profile list of B2B prospects. No matter how […]

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Improving Return on Investment (ROI)

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 24, 2014

Ordering sales leads lists allows businesses to quickly identify, contact, and nurture leads. Whether you plan on using mailing lists, consumer telemarketing lists, or business email lists, maximizing your return on investment is an important consideration. Below are a few ways to ensure that your sales leads lists deliver. Many people enter fake information in […]

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Putting Business in Touch

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 22, 2014

It is with no doubt about the fact that B2B telemarketing is an intense, gruelling job that is not for the faint at heart. However, one can certainly make things easier by following time tested techniques that have been implemented by the best telesales of all time. The first among these tactics for effective B2B […]

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Valuable Sales Leads

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 20, 2014

For companies that are just beginning their list building in earnest, determining which types of sales leads are most valuable will help them decide how best to allocate their resources when it comes to list buying and gathering new names internally. Always seek out qualified leads as opposed to unqualified ones through the list for […]

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