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The Role of Social Media in B2B Marketing

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 22, 2016

Social Media in B2B Marketing

The use of social media was first established in B2C marketing. However, its applicability covered B2B overtime. Currently, it is a channel considered to be one of the tigers in B2B marketing strategies as it generates significant number of leads for conversion.

Social media has leverage B2B companies in many ways.

  • Social media increases brand awareness and visibility. This is vital in making prospects access you easier and also in allowing existing clients to be more familiar with you.
  • Social media is utilized by B2B companies to educate prospects through content distribution. Whether it’s in the form of writing, photo or videos, social media is taken advantage to enlighten audience about the internal workings of their company, to introduce their products or services and/or to talk about their companies brand creatively. This is to aid prospects in making their decision and develop trust not just in the brand but in the company as well.
  • Social media helps in boosting website traffic. The inclusion of their website’s URL in social media profiles, enable B2B companies to direct prospects to their official website. Also, it enhances SEO by increasing third-party links, mentions and sparking brand interest.
  • Social media marketing generate more B2B leads into the funnel when combined with offers. More than just keeping a company’s name in the front lines of the sales war, it’s a great way in gracing both B2B prospects and existing B2B clients with incentives for their patronization.
  • Social media’s prompt nature signifies that it’s one of the best channels to get feedbacks about a business in real time. Keeping up with what people have to say with your business and responding to them can give a positive image. Moreover, this can be an excellent way to improve and even innovate programs that nurtures clients, prospects and advocates.

It may sound like social media is an easy ticket for generating leads, but just like any other marketing strategies, social media marketing requires sincere commitment and involvement, techniques, profound industry knowledge and innovativeness.

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Purchase an Email List! (Move on From the Lies!)

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 18, 2016

Some people in the field of business say that purchasing an email list is a bad investment and with this, email list providers kind of get a bad rep. But this is undeserved, there are ignorant lies that needs to be straightened out with regard to purchasing one. Most likely, the problem lies in the faulty […]

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Email Marketing: Boost that Open Rate!

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 17, 2016

Purchasing a contact database is not a bad idea as what others claim to say. But of course it’s just a matter of choosing the right provider. Besides, it comes with treats that can certainly help in lead generation. Take for example the offer of boosting open rates in the email marketing services of b2b […]

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Treading the Same Grounds in B2B Leads: Content and Call List

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 11, 2016

They’re not so different when it comes to B2B leads.             It is easy to perceive that content marketing and calling campaigns have different means in B2B marketing. The former earns the confidence of these B2B leads by employing the creation of content which is significant and useful to address business solutions sought by these […]

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Get That C-Level Executives Read Your Business Email

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 9, 2016

If you think it’s easy to make C-Level Executives read your business email, think again. Using email marketing as a channel in B2B marketing processes is definitely easy. You wouldn’t even break a single sweat in sending business emails. But getting those big shot C-Level executives to read those? Whether from big or small marketing firm, […]

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Email Marketing and Email Database: A Must in B2B Leads Generation

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 3, 2016

I found articles that say, “Email is Dead” and “Buying an Email List is a No-no” a faux. It’s definitely not the case, not if you know how to make your email marketing strategy a killer and purchase an effective email database. Email marketing is one of the distinct ways in B2B marketing strategies that […]

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Keeping Your Lead Generation Right On Track

Contact Database Management: Keeping Your Lead Generation Right On Track

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 13, 2016

Continuously taking care of multiple b2b leads in contact database after acquiring them is not an easy task; For we are not just talking about a couple of leads but a considerable number of it. After all, the leads generated from your contact database, is like an exclusive magic library.

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Business Innovation in Leads Database

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 15, 2016

One generic method to get in touch to customers and possible shareholders are through the b2b mailing leads database. This repository of contacts is heavily populated with sundry business contact information. With this, sending out advertisements will be easier and can cut the amount of time it takes to complete the sales process. It should […]

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2 Quick Tips in Buying Business Contact Lists

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 9, 2016

In any purchases we make, we want to get the best deal possible. We look at the quality of the product and think to ourselves if it really is worth the price we’d be paying for it. At times, that never really happens and we end up being dissatisfied with what we bought. But when […]

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How to Be a Reliable Mailing List Provider

posted by Margaret Spencer on April 19, 2016

Companies that are in dire need of mailing leads turn to the services of a mailing list provider in order to get what they need. As a provider, you need to make sure that you are indeed the right company they should be making their regular purchases from; not to mention you also want the […]

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