Qualifications for Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is tricky when it comes to how and why we choose such leads to be nurtured. This approach in giving of extra mile to work on with un-interested people needs not to be a narrow-filtering-funnel. When it comes to nurturing a leads, one may think that it is necessary to put on so much effort but true and not all the time. But this is just one of the many facets of which we have to include along the process.  A series of reminders the cues are listed accordingly based on the data analysis we produced. Feel free to see if you notice such cues from your leads.

  1. Your leads have a lot of queries –don’t be too happy about this because many robotic program acting like a real person will deceive you that they hold such persona in them. Remember that traffic is one of the facets in marketing by which they can be your competitor like a wolf in clothes of a sheep. Be sure to check background and verify the person behind who has been asking too many questions.
  2. Your lead is too good to be true –having a leads that qualifies all parameters in your agenda is too good to be true. Needless to say but this can be one of the scam a robot software can do. Again, verification of lead is one of the important things before anything else.
  3. Your lead is innocent –upon generating a lead, next thing is what I said is to verify them thru phone. But the story behind every telemarketer is that as if they called so many possible lead yet they don’t sound like they know the business themselves. They say that they don’t know anything about marketing or so what. This cause normally for people creating fake accounts from real people in social media.

Remember that ContactDB takes only qualified and quality lead for their clients. This is to keep our commitment in taking the business in the future.