Rekindling Communication

Probably the most misunderstood and overlooked segment of the customer database are the inactive customers. Why? According to online advertising experts, there is 50% or more of a distinctive business-to-consumer file can be inactive. Assumed the noteworthy cost to acquire these customers and email addresses couple with the substantial missed proceeds prospects due to idleness these customers and email addresses combined with substantial, it is very important for companies to improve applicable win-back stratagems for these appreciated absent customers. Google has a market cap of $150 billion; this is just an image of the reality of how much online marketers would need to spend when it comes to their customers. Thankfully, the cost that is needed to reconnect with these lost customers is a fraction of what it takes to acquire a new customer. This could mean that the return of investment often far exceeds that of almost any other marketing program at the push of a button.

Customer Communication Rejuvenation with the Win-Back Strategy

There are many written methods on how marketers should craft their online win-back strategies. Some of those leading strategies include:

  • Presentation of heavy discount. An assertive giveaway announcement can suffice as a strategy to lure customers back into the communication line of advertisers. Discounts that are alluring would truly catch customer attention and interest on what they would be getting.
  • Set Out Surveys. Surveys can be distributed amongst the customer population. Invitation to new customers can be done along the way. On the survey, customer preferences, wants and needs are more explored.
  • “It’s Now or Never” Thing. This straight-forward message is one good way to tell the difference which customers are active or which is not. When customers are truly interested, they would want to preserve the communication line with advertisers.

Hold your horses!

Before making any of those strategies above, a marketer should ensure that their investment in the conception, growth and accomplishment of the campaign has not been all for nothing. Setting up the finest win-back movement is still of no use if these messages would not reach to the right active email addresses.