Rethinking Email Marketing

Email marketing has been most and the rich source of lead generation by B2B marketers. It’s like a melting pot of rich and authentic contact list of people from different fields of work. It’s every granule of information make it the most convenient way of reaching out real people. It’s like a portal or roster of business people you may or never heard of. Yes, email marketing is the root of lead generation services since its first broadcast in 1965. But email comes from different shape and sizes. Email can be accessed through different medium.

This media can be divided into two, desktop and smartphones. A survey shows the percentage of opened email vs conversion vs usage conducted to have a comprehensive study for market research. The data shows as follows.

  • 70% of opened emails came from smartphones and 30% came from desktop PC. This shows that most of the sent emails are being accessed with smartphones and only 30% from desktop PC.
  • 52% of conversion from desktop PC and 48% from smartphone. This shows that most conversion prefer website rather than mobile application since client can focus more on the details using a desktop than using a mobile.
  • Time spent in mobile is average of 15 seconds and time spent on desktop is average of 15 seconds and above. This shows that most of the conversion takes time in detailing the content of the email rather than just skimming through it.

From the data above, we can see the relation of conversion via device per time usage. We draw from the report that most of the emails sent are read and being studied by prospects through the use of desktop and prefer the conversion in the same manner. We can now tell how we should utilize the report by having comprehensive utilization of email content using a desktop or mobile device.