Discover the Secrets of those Engaging Email Subject Lines

You can say that email subject line is the make or break of any email. Why? Of course. It has to be tempting enough to be able to tempt prospects to open and read the rest of your email. No matter how much you invest on getting the content of your email to be a shocker, if the subject line isn’t something worthy for your prospects to bat their eyes about. Then, forget the effort.

          Nonetheless, you need not to worry. A lot of marketers came up with techniques to reduce such thing from happening. Here are some of the most common techniques that lead to the concoction of great email subject lines:


Questions rouse the yearning to reply, and isn’t getting a reply the main objective of emailing your prospects? Creating a question that evokes response will increase the likelihood of your email being opened.


Majority of companies are integrating humor in their subject lines. It’s the fact that all people (Yes, even those elusive C-level people) can relate to humor. You see, humor makes your approach human – a human that wants to engage connection. Most of the time those automated emails gives off an impersonal, random vibe to recipients. However, the subjectivity of humor should also be considered. That is why it works best for segmented emails that are heading off to the appropriate demographic.

Numbers & List

Scientifically, our brains are drawn to digits. That is why even though incorporating numbers and list is commonly used in subject lines and blog posts, it is still effective. Numbers and lists tends to engender interest. Not to mention, guarantees a brisk and simple read.

FOMO & Scarcity

FOMO or fear of missing out and scarcity are just some of the psychological mechanisms working behind the domains of sales and marketing. It is manifested in email subject lines through time-sensitive offers, releases, pre-releases or launches and triggers a person’s sense of urgency and anxiety of passing up a great opportunity. Toss in some scarcity words if it’s mutually favorable for your company and prospects and you might be in for a surprise.

            Remember that email subject lines are the first thing that prospects notice when they see your email in their inbox. You have to make a good impression then. As they say, first impression lasts.