Tips and Tricks in Selecting a B2B Telemarketing Firm (Part 3)

Send a Request for Proposal (RFP) and evaluate response based on fixed criteria

You can further narrow down or even finally get to choose one from your B2B telemarketing firm prospects by distributing RFPs. First, you need to lay out details about your business profile, status quo, requirements, and expectations. You can follow this up with standard queries for these firms such as company profile, financial standing, telemarketing experience, account management team, etc. But you can also include questions on areas you like more information with (i.e. agents and staffs, trainings, technology, recommendations, etc.). Putting criteria for each question will help you identify the prospects or prospect that distinctly comes together with your needs. With this, evaluating their response when you receive them will be so much simpler.

Go to their websites and ask for a sales call.

This will serve as your surprise attack. What better way to verify whether they’re good as what they claim to be through a first-hand account? Take a glimpse on the level of their promptness, telemarketing skills and professionalism on the initial conversation. If they cannot convince you to pick them over the phone, then most likely, they’ll struggle trying to persuade your target market.

Clarify their process on caller designation and lead turnover.

Opt for a B2B telemarketing firm that will designate permanent callers to your campaign. This is to ensure that they will be able to focus on your project and hopefully, become even better at their tasks the longer they stay on your campaign. Such can result to an increase in your ROI. In addition, take into consideration how they will manage lead turnover to your own internal sales team. Unestablished turnover procedures will be a bad investment.

Do a site visit.

Whether you have narrowed down or already selected a firm, doing a site visit is important before giving the final decision. While you are there, meet all the people that are likely to be involved in your campaign. Do they live up to the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise they claim in their RFP? Are you comfortable with communicating with them? How about the environment? What did you observe in terms of agents to supervisor ratios? Culture? Employee engagement? Sure, you can talk on the phone with them, but it can’t really equal the experience of actually seeing the call center in action.

Selecting a B2B telemarketing firm is often difficult, tedious and time-consuming process but so is the way towards success.