Setting up Social Media Objective and Goals

This is the first step of a good digital marketer in building his social media marketing strategy. The process will have you establish objectives and goals that you must achieve. Establishing these set of goals will set your track on the right path if ever your social media campaign fails to meet your expectations. Not having these goals establish means that there is no gauging in your success and too, no interest in getting back your return of investments.

The goals referring into must be inclined with your marketing strategy; this is to drive your social media effort in your business objectives. You can have executive buy-in and investment if your social media marketing shows that your business goals are being driven forward.  These objectives must also results far from vanity metrics like retweets or Likes, rather than advanced metrics like leads generated, complaints or website traffic referred. To have a simple approach you can now use SMART approach, meaning they should be all specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded.

  • Specific– be specific in reaching out one’s goal like in a week time your goal is to increase you web traffic. Such so will make it even.
  • Measurable– make sure that your goal is measurable by numbers not by any comments or complaints by you followers or any like.
  • Attainable– your goals should not be a wish in a bottle. Make it seem less and possible.
  • Relevant – goals at the end of the day has to be business oriented.
  • Timeabounded –your goals should be attainable in a week or monthly basis. Daily goals are good too.

Simplifying the way you should start your social media marketing plan by jotting down at least three goals. Make it sure that you have an overview of what will be the goal be like after completion and use it to determine how to track it.