Should A Business Email List Be Politicized?

It is one thing to organize a business email list in terms of industry, size, or geographical region but it can be another thing entirely when it is by political affiliation. Still, with everyone, business owners and consumers alike, anticipating the results of the U.S. election, targeting your prospects based on political issues can be tempting. It sounds like a last minute call to get involved in the spirit of the voting season.

That does not mean it is a good idea.

A Political Business Email List Can Spell Bad PR

For businesses, dabbling into politics can either be a powerful and effective decision or a fast trip to social and financial suicide. Even worse, organizing any group of people based on their political affiliations can be ruled as biased and discriminatory. A lawsuit is not the price you want to pay for your B2B leads.

Still, how do you fight this temptation? No doubt that while your business email list might have customers who want to stay away from politics as much as you, there are those who also feel strongly about it. It can also be argued that any form of avoiding the latter can be just as discriminatory. After all, one of the arguing points of those who dive into politics is that it creates the strongest connection they have with their own customers. How do you deal when politics has suddenly amped up the risk of your once-promising list?

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Well here are a few things you can try with your emails:

  • Run a survey before organizing – If you really feel that you must, then at least get to know the actual people on your business email list. Do a survey with it first or mix it up with the rest of your email marketing strategy. Do not assume a political affiliation too quickly just from what you see on your prospect’s webpage or business location.

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  • Go visual, less on actually saying anything – Once you know, use colors in your email that correspond to a prospect’s affiliate party. If you manage to find one who does not wish to identify, then send them the regular template. But above all, avoid actually saying anything political if you do not want your words used against you.
  • Be open to feedback – Feedback is the prime indicator of whether a marketing strategy went well. Keep your cool at all times though as not all feedback is positive. Regardless if you got a good or bad response, you need to learn anything you can from it. Is a prospect not as political as your data implied? Do they insist on tying their business problems with what has been going in the election?

Whether you are for politicizing your business or approach the subject with a two-storey rod, nobody can actually blame you for either. It only goes to show how dangerous an element politics can be when used in marketing. Therefore, tread carefully when organizing your business email list and B2B sales leads by political affiliation.