Should A Business Email List Forge Your Identity?

There is a lot that a business email list can tell you about your market. However, just how far are you willing to let it dictate what your business does? Do you really have to send a message to every single prospect on the list or do you just prefer a select portion?

Recreating Your Business Email List Is Not Being Picky

Think of it like this. You are a treasure seeker and your list represents all the best treasure hunting spots in the land. You have ruins, abandoned castles, underground caves, and dangerous jungles. All of them are filled with danger, the promise of adventure, and a fitting reward at the end.

On the other hand, what if you had already taken a liking to certain kinds of places? Why would you feel compelled to explore them all? Even in business, sometimes you earn more money pursuing business leads that you would like to work with the most instead of selling yourself out.

The following traits are often contained in your typical business email list which can sometimes cause you to forget your business identity:

  • Industry – Yes, you generally work for particular industries. But sometimes, you tend to be a little more niche and focus on certain businesses within each of those industries. For example, you may prefer working with smaller businesses compared to larger corporations. You might be required to wear many different faces but there is still a lot more to successful lead generation than just an immediate first impression.

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  • Decision maker – Targeting decision makers more or less means getting on their good side. But face it, few people can really stand a suck up Yes Man. If a certain form of management rubs you the wrong way or does not mesh well with your business, being on your email list should not be an excuse for a prospect to compromise your work values.
  • Prospect’s image – At times, you might feel the need to match a prospect’s image because you admire them and would love to work with them. After all, they too have a right to have you respect their values. That does not mean you should try to be a carbon copy of their company instead of an independent provider. You are to build bridges, not lose your entire company devoting to one business prospect.

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Your business email list should only guide your marketing strategy and should not embody the whole of your business identity. Do not just stick to what is on the map. Improvise the map. Draw your own legends and notes regarding your preferred spots and make it your own.

Do not forget your list is just one of the many copies being sold to other businesses out there. It is still up to you to take the information and mold it to your distinct marketing advantage. Your business email list should be a tool for you email marketing services, not the other way around!