Should we focus on Hot Leads Rather Than Cold Leads?

At some point in our B2B marketing career, we began to wonder whether we should only focus on Leads that meet our qualifications. Some will think that “Hot Leads are Better rather than Cold Leads, We won’t have to convince Hot Leads. So Why, bother?” Well, at least, some of you have already grasped the idea of Hot and Cold Leads, but the truth is, we are always going to convince them to buy our product or service, whether it’s Hot or Cold leads.

The idea of marketing is to negotiate what you can provide in order to get something in return. Back in the days, we barter, yes, you read that right. Barter is defined as “Exchange (goods or service) for other goods or services without using money” but let’s not dwell in bartering and focus on Hot leads Cold Leads

Defining Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads

As many of you already know there are three kinds of leads, Hot, Warm and Cold. Hot leads are those who has all the qualifications in the B.A.N.T (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) while Warm has only two to three qualification and Cold has one or none. This is how Leads are being categories.

But as far as I’m concerned, leads are leads, no matter how you put it. Even if the prospect doesn’t have the budget, authority, need and time. It doesn’t mean that we should put less concern and focus on prospects that have all four of the qualification. Yes, the main thing why we are doing B2B Marketing is to make a sale, but other than that we put less care whether what company they are.

Comparing Generating Leads To Relationships Building. 

We might think that if we don’t generate leads, then it’s all over. Yes, it’s true, that’s why my tip for you is to stop thinking of generating leads, and focus on building a relationship towards that company. Yes, you are making a sale and you don’t need to build a healthy relationship with them. But you’re wrong, you need to build a strong relationship in order for you to make a great Sale.