Six Tips for Cleaning and Updating Your B2B Cold Calling List That Actually Work

Your B2B cold calling list is a vital resource that your telemarketing campaign simply cannot live without. However, a telemarketing contact database of poor quality can just as equally lead to your campaign’s demise. That’s why a regular and systematic database maintenance strategy is as important as any other component of your lead generation plan.

This post gives six tried-and-true tips for cleaning and updating your cold calling list and is intended to help you avoid the consequences of poor data quality. According to recent studies, around 78% of marketers say they conduct database cleanup at most three times a year only. Other research findings suggest companies that fail to regularly maintain their marketing and sales databases end up wasting company resources on lost sales and other opportunity costs.

To steer your telemarketing campaign clear of these inefficiencies, try applying some of the below practical tips:

1. Reduce data clutter.

What specific pieces of information do you really need in your telemarketing campaign? In many cases, the telemarketing contact databases you’re working with typically contain more data fields than what you actually need to carry out your campaign. Keep the most essential contact attributes and trim out the rest. Other than making your lists easier to work with, this also helps free up some database resources for other use.

2. Talk to a list vendor.

If you’ve acquired your cold calling contact database through a telemarketing list seller, then you need to consider such a vendor as one of your marketing partners. List vendors can help you out with your database maintenance requirements through services like appending. In addition, your mailing list provider should also be able to help you find updated versions of the list you’re using.

3. Verify by asking contacts.

One of the most effective and most commonsensical ways of verifying or updating telemarketing lists is to actually ask the contacts themselves. However, as with other aspects in your lead generation program, you should always provide reasonable incentives in exchange for their participation.

4. Practice proper segmentation.

Implementing a workable list segmentation strategy isn’t limited to the realm of email marketing only. With today’s buyer-centric marketing mentality, it pays to adopt a segmentation strategy in all of your marketing/sales contact databases including those used in telemarketing. Because proper list segmentation produces more manageable database sections, it actually makes maintenance and updating much easier.

5. Use your list regularly.

Lists that have been shelved for quite a while are more likely to provide lower data quality than those in regular use. Frequent usage ensures a higher level of quality since it increases the likelihood of detecting inconsistent, inactive, or incorrect pieces of information.

6. Work with a data scrubber.

Companies that provide data cleansing or scrubbing services are also indispensable marketing partners. Consider benefits such as decreased lost sales, improved targeting, better follow-up, etc. when evaluating the potential returns from making use of their services.

In today’s data-driven marketing and sales campaigns, data quality plays a huge role in the success or failure of your cold calling project. With an influx of prospect-related information that your telemarketing team needs to understand and apply, it pays to make sure that they’re working with spotlessly clean and updated contact list and marketing databases.

In your own telemarketing campaign, how do you see to it that your contact lists give you the best possible information about your prospects?