Small Business Marketing Tips: Turning Offline Readers into Email Subscribers

Small businesses are now integrating print and electronic media in their marketing campaigns. Aside from reaching a broader audience, this approach allows us to direct our prospects from one media form to another. Readers of offline marketing materials such as direct mail, brochures, advertisements, etc. can be redirected to register to your email business list. Here are a few content ideas to turn your offline readers in email subscribers.

  • Use a simple and direct invitation. Just as newsletters should always have a direct and specific call to action, your printed materials should also have a simple and direct invitation to sign up for your business list. A well-placed one-liner works well for this purpose, particularly in print ads, business cards, and sales letters.
  • Properly indicate the correct URL. This idea produces the best results when the URL for your opt-in page is fairly easy to recall. If the link is a bit long, you might want to use the home page or index page URL instead. What you’re trying to do here is to provide your offline readers some online reference to your business list registration form.
  • Offer incentives for signing up. You need to specifically mention what your readers will get when they sign up for your email list. For instance, you might offer your readers more tips or in-depth insights on a topic once they receive your email newsletters. Also, you need to make sure that you offer the right incentives to the right people. Don’t offer UK-specific incentives if you want your readers to join a US business list.
  • Don’t forget the time element. In your one-liners, try to include some time aspects into your offer. Use the words “now” or “today” to make your message sound more specific. Also, you should indicate that your readers will receive your emails regularly, such as “monthly newsletters” or “weekly market updates.”

These are a few tips on the right content to effectively redirect your offline readers to your online email subscription page. These tactics should be part of a broad strategy that also includes working with a business list provider to optimize the results of your prospecting campaign. Keep in mind that a truly effective email marketing campaign is one that uses every smart option available.