Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #2 – Reaching Prospects Worldwide with Your Site

contact database, company contact database, IT directors contact database, database providerYour web pages are only a tiny speck in an ocean of at least 8.3 billion pages in the World Wide Web, all competing for the time and interest of about 2.3 billion Internet users across the globe. With websites at quite a premium, it’s no surprise why SEO is such an important tool in getting noticed. But SEO can do only so much. Once visitors are actually at your site, it takes more than keywords to keep them from leaving.

Having a strong appeal to a large and diverse audiences from different backgrounds and cultures is a special kind of challenge that your website must overcome. In order for your IT/Software company to get quality visits, build your contact database, and covert prospects into sales, you have to keep the following things in mind:

Support global commerce. People are generally more inclined to transact in the terms and conditions familiar to them. That’s why your website should express software price and cost in various currencies and provide payment options that are widely available.

Avoid region-specific practices. If you, for example, want to grow your IT directors contact database or improve your site’s sales potential, it’s good practice to have culturally-neutral content on your web pages. Never use local idiom or acronyms as these may tend to be quite vague and misleading for some readers.

Use standard units/terms. Explaining software products and services online can oftentimes get quite technical. In order to avoid confusion, use international standards in expressing quantities such as distance, capacity, and time. When unsure about any shorthand, expand it.

Let your prospects reach you. Make sure your contact information is complete and avoid omissions or abbreviations that some international prospects may misinterpret. If you’re trying to let your visitors opt in to a company contact database, make sure that your sign-up forms also facilitate worldwide applicants.

The main takeaway from this blog post is to make sure your website doesn’t alienate your international visitors. Form and content are important in reaching out to your prospects worldwide. The next post will give some important insights on effective software marketing through web content.