Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #5 – What to Blog About

As much as 80% of blogs created end up being abandoned within two months of their existence. Despite the major role that active blogging plays in communicating with our target prospects, growing our B2B database, and promoting our brand, this percentage shows how little many people think of blogging as a marketing device.

As a marketer, you should avoid making the mistakes that many others do, failing to regularly update company blogs. If you ever find yourself running out of ideas on what to post, keep in mind that the IT/software industry is a dynamic source of blogging ideas, and here are a few of them:

Surveys and Polls. One way to generate response from your readers is to conduct surveys or polls on relevant issues like program processing speed or preferred application features, for example. You can ask your readers directly on the blog post and/or send links for your post to recipients in your B2B database.

News, Events and Issues. An effective way to start a dialogue with and among your readers is to express your views or comments on industry developments and events in a blog post. IT/software trade shows like Interop can be great sources of blog posts that can really engage your readers.

Practical Advice. Needless to say, sharing tips and ideas that help improve efficiency and output is a welcomed gesture for your blog readers. Write blogs that focus on ways to optimize performance of a program or explain how to solve compatibility issues. This is also a good way to grow your subscriber list, aside from working with a B2B database company.

Key Personalities. Try to feature industry movers, successful clients, software vendors, etc. in your blog posts. If you’re planning to expand your reach in a segment such as US-based IT managers or a US B2B database of IT professionals, then focus on people and events that your readers would most likely care about.

These are only a few of the many ideas you can make use of in order to consistently and regularly update your IT/software blog. Blogging can be one of the tools to build and maintain a software community which will be the topic of the next post. Check it out to know more on how to build a community around your software product.