Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #7 – Avoid These Email Marketing Tripwires

According to a recent study, inbox placement rates (IRPs), a key metric in email deliverability, have decreased to 76.5% in 2011. Return Path, an email certification company, attributes this decline to tighter screening measures by ISPs and an increase in the number of companies engaged in email marketing. That’s why you need to avoid the following email marketing tripwires to make sure your emails reach recipients in your mailing list.


  • Not Following Rules. Compliance with email marketing regulations like the Can-Spam Act is an absolute must for any email marketer who wishes to stay out of trouble. To find out more about the Can-Spam Act, visit and be sure to understand and follow its provisions when you send your next round of emails to contacts in your IT mailing list.
  • Bad Choice of List Vendor. If you decide to work with a mailing list provider, you have to find out how their list-building process works. Remember, we’re supposed to be practicing permission-based email marketing, so avoid list vendors with a shady business model.
  • Disregard for Subscribers/Readers. Your mailing list contacts are not just your prospects; they’re also your partners, to some extent. A campaign based on purely promoting your software products or services is a waste of resources. Throughout this blog series, the value of educating or inspiring your prospects has been repeatedly raised because it’s actually one of the keys for marketing survival.
  • Questionable From/Subject Lines. More often than not, spam alerts are triggered by poorly-worded subject lines and inconsistent “from” address. Subject lines that clearly convey promotional material easily gets flagged as suspicious while the use of different “from” addresses in emails to mailing list contacts also raises similar response from blocking systems.
  • Inappropriate Email Marketing Software. A lot of experts strongly discourage the use of generic email platforms like Outlook to send bulk emails. Instead, a wide choice of software is available specifically for conducting and managing email marketing campaigns. These applications make it easier to manage your mailing list, do mass email sending, and monitor your progress.

So there you have it, an outline of five email marketing dangers to avoid at all times. In the next blog post, we’ll be looking at press releases as effective marketing devices for software companies like yours.