Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #8 – Checklist for Writing Press Releases

Any publicity is good publicity. WRONG! Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to writing and distributing press releases. In order to get good responsesgenerate fresh leads, or improve brand awareness, your press releases must not only be noticed but also read and acted upon. Follow the “checklist” below to come up with effective press releases.

  • Before Writing. Make sure that you know what your key message is, who your target readers are, what value you’re offering to them, and which objectives you’re trying to reach with your press release. It’s understandable to have a marketing goal, such as growing our leads database, in mind but you also have to consider the broader branding picture.
  • Information and Organization. Once you’ve identified the event or development you want your readers to know about, it’s time to decide what pieces of information to include and how to arrange them in your press release. Follow the “inverted pyramid” approach which places important information at the top or upper portion.
  • Major Parts. A press release begins with the headline that captures the entire idea behind it. Make sure to capitalize the first letters of each word in the headline. Next, the summary provides a concise overview of the story you’re telling. Then, the body of the press release follows with the details of the news. Break the body into smaller paragraphs to improve readability.
  • Special Details. If you’re talking about a software debut, you may include some but not all of its features and functionalities as well as pricing and availability details. To really funnel fresh leads, you may also include your company’s contact details. Some press releases also briefly mention information about related products and services under the brand.
  • What to Avoid. Hype is the main thing to exclude from your press releases. Remove adjectives like “awesome,” “best,” and the like. You also need to avoid excessively long lists of software features or system requirements. Remember, the purpose of a press release is to inform not to advertise.

Press releases are great ways of announcing new or upcoming products from developers, which is a very important part of software marketing. That’s why the next blog post is all about how to hold a successful product launch.