Some Practical Tips on Consistency in Small Business Email Marketing

As human beings, we all have a natural tendency to favor something that is consistent. In fact this desire is so great that we tend to look for consistency everywhere we can. As a marketer, you can use the power of consistency to your advantage. Take a look at these practical tips on maintaining consistency to maximize the returns from a mail list service.

  • Follow a regular schedule. Sending out emails on a regular basis is a simple yet powerful tactic in email marketing. Not only does this show your commitment to the subscribers, it also has the added advantage of allowing you to use the all-important element of timing. For example, there is an ideal scheduling for sending B2B emails to recipients in a c-level mail list.
  • Maintain content relevance. Throughout your email marketing campaign, the basic theme behind your content should remain the same. Even if the individual topics may change from time to time, the binding idea of your newsletters or messages should stay the same. If you’re targeting IT professionals in your mail list, then make sure that the emails they receive voice out only relevant ideas.
  • Avoid information mismatch. Many email marketers make the mistake of using different “From” names at different points in their campaign. This is a terrible practice and should be avoided at all costs. Another area prone to inconsistency is the signature block. Your signature block should match the “From” name you use.

Segment your mail list. It is advisable to segment your lists into categories that help you decide which type of email content to include. For example, you might want to categories a c-level mail list into contacts who have subscribed for less than one month and those who are long-time recipients. This helps you maintain consistency among specific groups in your mail list.