How to Build a Contact List You Can Be Proud Of

In B2B marketing, connection are important matter. A piece of information that is collected and compiled and set as a database for the benefits of a particular needs –a contact list. While it may be too dreamy to think about big contacts from big businesses, creating a contact list from a small-scale business and set them is peculiar in the B2B industry.

To begin with creating your own contact list, there are few considerations you have to think before collecting them online. Here are:

  1. Categorize the type of industry –search small-scale industry online and know what type of industry you want to build contact with. Whether is health, finance, education or food leads, you can divide them according to the type of market are they into.
  2. Determine the revenue –big business don’t need marketing efforts, they already have their own. While small starters are the one who need to be guided with contact list. Research for small earning industry and their target location.
  3. Know the C-levels –gather information such as CEO, marketing manager, executive secretary and the C-level employees. Gather their business contact number and
  4. Verify the information –of this businesses to ensure quality and assurance for those who will need them.
  5. Arrange its target market –see to it that these business are within range of the target market of your future client and mutual relationship can be established between the two. Know both target market to match their desired result.

Building a contact list is not easy, there are a lot of things to be considered in order to make a database that will suit the needs of your clients. With this, you can now face with your database that will surely you will be proud of.

Reaching the Critical Point of Digital Marketing

Many years ago we wished upon the stars that advertisement pop-up would disappear in our home screen or page that we are visiting on the web. Well, that wish has been granted by ios 9 and the brand war between Apple, Google and Facebook. Another reason is the percentage use of mobile web user and the flooding of web enabled phone.

People nowadays frequently use the internet through their phone and digital marketers use this feature to come up with the idea to put ad pop and cookies to track their prospects. Well, Apple just crushed this ad pops.

Not like Google and Facebook which main revenue draws from the payments of the digital markets, Apple draws its revenue from its own product such iPhones and IPods. Their brands does not need the help of digital advertising pops and cookies because people already know them and by releasing a software that actually block in many ways other’s (Google and Facebook) revenue is a bold action.

Columist Jonathan Hochman explains three reasons why advertisement blocker became undeniably annoying towards the user and there are four reasons;

  1. Redundant Tracking Scripts
  2. Too Many Social Media Widgets And Buttons
  3. Dynamic Content Like Sliders And Carousels
  4. Giant But Unnecessary Images

Looking at the reasons, we can finally see why Apple saw these an opportunity to strike the core of its competitor. We cannot blame them for doing so and we all know this new ios 9 is beneficial to Ios users.

I cannot see Android would be doing this, despite of the development of Android platform in the market. Android is owned by Google and I don’t really think it would do the same thing as Apple did.

On the other hand, Microsoft just released its new OS Windows 10 which obviously snatch and insert hidden agendas for marketing and advertising purpose (see Windows 10’s dark side).

Now, as a user it is time to think that there is always a price to pay. Not everything is free. Having the perception of free usage is just what brand marketers wanted us to think yet it can be the other way around.

Marketing your Marketing Services

How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, they will become an asset of the marketing strategy of the brand. Take a look at the label of your bottle and you will realize that upon buying that, you are encouraging other people to buy that product.

On the contrary, marketing firm will have to think of another strategy in marketing. Wouldn’t it be too obvious if someone will tell you they are marketing their marketing service? Do you think its kind a redundant to think that someone is actually bannering marketing too obviously? This is the main problem of which B2B marketing are having, people don’t always wanted to become a marketing tool.

  1. Being too obvious in introducing their service
  2. Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING”
  3. Business owners know advertisement more that marketing

          Being too obvious in introducing their service. Marketing service is not a joke, and looking for people who actually need it is far more than a serious joke. Marketing your marketing service is double the challenge in marketing. Imagine people hate marketers and giving them a slap face idea that you are marketing your service will make them hate you even more. Then how could we counter this?

          Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING.” In a survey in 2013 in US, it has been found out that business owners don’t exactly know and need marketing service. One reason found that, why should one need a market if the market is already in the vicinity. Right! That is correct, business owners are not so confident if other people will introduce or the right term “market” their product or service.

          Business owners know advertisement more that marketing. But why is this so? The term advertising has become a popular term especially for the masses, while marketing on the other hand became a less known and less use in terms of business propaganda. The term marketing is how we deliver the business while advertising is how we let them know about our business.

          Indeed, so to answer the main question. B2B marketers must be specific on how we deliver the term marketing to our audience. We just have to say it clear that we marketers are annoying and yes that is true but we must explain that we are just trying to help their business find potential buyers. Isn’t that easy? Now, marketer around the corner must remember the term exactly because nowadays it seems that they are only concern more of being an advertiser more than being a marketer.   

B2B Marketing – Finding the Long Term Solutions

The main point of B2B marketing is to establish connections between businesses in the community business. Looking at the point of view of a good business man is sure to sell services or products to a large number of consumers and make profit. Yes. That is true in the short time period but how about for long period of time?

Consumers aren’t always got you covered in the expenses in the production. They key again is to establish connections, doing business to business contract and make profit with each other’s help. This is how mutual relationship in the ecosystem of business industry. For starters, you may find it difficult to reach out businesses that would help you out in this. Make way, for it is the B2B marketing that will sure kick-start your business adventure.

  1. They will provide list that you can deal with
  2. Not just customer but rather business partners
  3. They will serve as a bridge or Jesus Christ for example

B2B marketers are expert for this, they will give you a service in which it will have a list of business providers around your area, your utmost available time and closer in dealing a contract. Isn’t that easy? At your hand you will have the information that will boost your income and profit. But these are just the facade of this wonderful exchange of information.

They can also deliver your service in the virtual world by not simply advertising your business obviously. It’s about finding the right people and deal with them. Make them an asset as well in creating w web of connection for your business. Yeah. Sure it sounds you are using them in your own benefits but this is how it is. B2B marketers will set your business in a multi-dimensional connections. Your business will, let’s say it like it will exist both in the real world and the cyber world. But don’t be afraid of these, well no one will not be afraid of people hacking into some sites in the web. But being forecaster and brave about venturing in these type of strategy will sure take your business to the next level.

Content Marketing in Targeting Prospects

For B2B marketing and lead generation process, prospect targeting with the use of content marketing is highly considered. Regardless the fact that competitors are out there eating out the data traffic, the good and efficient use of content marketing towards targeted prospect is a great strategy. In prospect targeting, considering the fact that your website is being visited by random yet can be categorized persona, you can divide your viewers to produce more relevant content whether if it is video blog, web content or music videos.

So before diving into making your unique content, make sure you have already qualified the type of audience you expected.

Neutral – this type of audience is new to your website or just a passerby. Since there is little interest for your content, lead generation value is depleted. Marketing method for this type is to find a way to get your audience to care or to become invested without offending them.

Hostile – this is the least audience you want on your list. They don’t care at all what is being said. So you can find a common ground, a starting point where either your audience can relate to you or you can relate to them.

Uninformed – next from the hostile, you may consider this type. They are not aware of what you are going to show, so don’t bog the audience down with too much background information.  Make sure you are still sticking to the main point you want to make in the paper.

Expert – this type is very critical towards your topic. They know and well-informed about the topic so try not to say any loophole and make sure your source are reliable. So do your research.  Don’t think that a brief overview of sources will be enough to convince this audience.

Business – this type is very timely and don’t have the pleasure to read or watch your content. So don’t waste time painting a picture or telling a story.  Get right to the point. Always make sure your audience feels as though you are considering them, not focusing on yourself.

I know you are one of these four audiences right here, so I know you can do better the next time you present your content in your marketing.

Stepping up in Lead Generation

It’s not new to us the multi-channel media has been a great asset in generating leads. It’s known too well by many B2B marketers around the globe and has been making a lot of innovation. The ground-breaking announcement of Facebook will lead B2B marketers to a whole new level again in looking for more alleys in lead generation. Last June 25, 2015 the biggest social media provider in the world announced that they will be promoting a lead ad unit.

This lead ad unit will make the user fill out some information such name and email address. This information as we know is vital in generating leads. The fill-out option will be submitted once the user agreed to send and receive notifications from the certain marketer or provider. But this lead ad unit still on the process of evaluation and improvements will come then after such period of time.

The action taken by the company to the user will not reflect Facebook nor will it have any obligations from any form of damages as such. The information generated from the lead ad unit will be only forwarded to the respective company and cannot be sold out to any third parties of the company. This is to protect the consumer’s proprietary information and their privacy as well. This lead ad unit will only help consumers from opening the third-party app and so to save their time as well.

On the other hand, issue will then arise in this situation. Since lead ad unit is still fresh. How will it solve the number of multiple Facebook account holder? Since we all know that an average user have 2-3 Facebook account, will it affect the quality of generating real leads for B2B marketers? How can we ensure that the data being gathered will not be redundant? Let just take some time in thinking and testing this newly added lead ad unit in the market.

Expanding Business Contacts Requires More than Upsizing

When marketing and sales professionals talk of expanding a database, it usually just means adding more names. At worse, it only adds to a diluted, outdated storage of faulty information but at best, it means you’re looking to acquire more customers.


However, it’s still just an upsize. There’s more to expanding your business contacts than just having more numbers to contact.

Among the top business trends of 2015, you have more businesses using online and mobile channels to increase the number of ways their customers can connect to them. But you know, that applies to other businesses that are targeting them as well.

So if you want to expand your B2B contact database, you’re going to have to keep up. Don’t just upsize the box but every single record you have on file.

Here are just a few, simple ways you can start doing this:

  • Clean up first – First of all, make sure your database is already free from dead end entries. If you’ve already got the wrong number, there’s even less guarantee you’re going to find a decent email address that corresponds with it. Don’t waste your time trying to find out. Clean up first!
  • Start with a single channel – If you’re going to check for emails, start with looking for corresponding emails first. Trying to find emails and then things like websites and social media profiles might be asking for too much (and too much trouble).
  • Clean twice – Every time you update an entry with additional contact data, make sure that new, little piece of info is still solid. It’d be a little chaotic if one contact could be reached by phone but the email they gave you was a dud.
  • Make sure a channel is relevant – This is only common sense. Why would you look for clients on Facebook when you don’t even have a Facebook page? To fully make use of a channel and its information, you need to maximize its role in your overall marketing strategy.

Upsizing a database the right way can promise more new customers. However, you also increase your chances when you increase the number of ways you can reach them. For that you need information that upsizes each individual record, not just big box you’re holding them all in.

Time To Do Some Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is the term used when cleaning out during the spring time in preparation for the cold weather. This is somehow a way to formulate a definite place more habitable in the cold weather to come. The utmost communal usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from topmost to bottommost which would take place in the first warm days of the year usually in spring, hence the name. However, it has also come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. An individual who gets their businesses in order beforehand an audit or examination could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.

And that is exactly what cleaning emails is all about.

Time to Take Out the Mop, Broom and Cleaning Agents!

De-cluttering, scrubbing, sweeping and polishing email databases should be done from time to time. When carrying out these tasks, it needs diligence in order to get the best with the adequately of time to spare in advance the all-important and pre-holiday publicizing enterprises.

  • Moping out first. Cleaning an email list is about more than just organizing and de-cluttering. Most of the time, it is the perfect first step. Every so often the task would take form in the purging of similar or duplicate email addresses that seem to be slowing down just about every database’s operation. A refined trick for processing will also catch email addresses containing typos, bad characters and misspellings that are not always obvious with the usual surface sweep.
  • Cleaning Agents. Now that the sweeping out the superficial dusts are done, it is time to work on the deep ones embedded in cracks and crevices. Scrubbing out and disposing of email addresses that include known snitches and screamers, emails with awful records and Do Not Email suppression’s should no longer be messaged.
  • Polishing and running it down. Now that the cleaning is done, it is time to polish. Polishing is like proofreading: keeping a watchful eye of that dirt that has escaped the first run-down of cleaning. Making the database more presentable to those who work with it begets a boost.

Data Identification

It is important in having healthy email advertising to send out the right suggestions to the right customers with the right email address and at the right interval. In how to accomplish this is not surprising: know who the customers are.

On the other hand, it can predict copiously of different things.

There is a great space of room on the range between knowing everything there is to know about each customer along with modifying communication in order to reach them separately and knowing close to nothing about customer’s favorites and maximizing the mass communication with liberty.

Customary subdivision techniques are apparent: the usage of data to motivate a directed communication approach for specific customer clusters.

Here are some tips in on how to effectively research on customer data.

  • Insightfulness. In how insightful a data is a characteristic of a data point or set of data points. The more profound the data that is in possession, the fewer assumptions are wanted to make regarding one customer. An example of this is when a data is presenting that a customer has a strong history of patronizing the company’s services and that he is male. The latter information is more “profound” compared to the data showing that the customer is a male and that males are more likely to hire the services of the company. Read more

When Will Marketers Learn to Segment Their Contact Lists?

New research reveals that “a majority of email marketers are flying blind” as pointed out by a news article of the same title (as quoted) recently published on the Direct Marketing News website. As if the headline isn’t disconcerting enough, the details in the news report are even more dismal. In this blog entry, we’ll try to dissect the reported causes of such a widespread lack of email targeting and hopefully show that segmenting email campaign contact lists isn’t only necessary but very much feasible as well.

According to a Return Path study, about 55% of email marketers admit relying on inadequate or wholly-absent targeting and segmentation practices in their campaigns. The survey, as explained by George Bilbrey (Return Path’s president), polled over 300 “marketing executives” who cited a number of reasons for their targeting strategies’ shortcomings. Here are some key points that the survey respondents raised and our take on the issues.

Read more