[2018] Qualifications of a Singaporean Mailing List Provider

Are you in need of a Singaporean contact database provider?

Before you say YES, you might wanna listen first to what i’m about to say.

Buying mailing lists has been considered one of the options in maintaining a leads database back in the days. Its too time-consuming for companies to mind this function, especially that they should be focusing on their core business.

Also, some of them may not have the researchers and data verifiers who will dig the business data.

And, it is very expensive if they engage in this undertaking, considering payments for labor, utilities and materials.

After all, no company has a monopoly of resources to do all the tasks in business.

And sometimes, there really is a need to ask for assistance from outside parties.

In acquiring a business contact list, it is of great importance to learn the qualifications of a mailing list provider. Because if you end up with an incompetent list provider, you will not be able to correct such mistake again.

You will lose not just your money, but also your precious time and efforts.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a  contact list provider.

  • It must have a database and technology center.

  • Updates must be made at least weekly. To keep every business data fresh and accurate, constant updates must be made.

  • The list must contain the basic profile, including name of the key contact person, website, phone number, mailing address and direct email address.

  • It provides a data integrity guarantee. Outdated records should be replaced for free.

  • Compliant to GDPR


Caution and due care ought to be guarding you from mediocre firms.

Keep in mind the aforementioned competencies so you can land in the right business partner.

If you have more questions and if there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate and leave us a message.

How to Build a Contact List You Can Be Proud Of

In B2B marketing, connection are important matter. A piece of information that is collected and compiled and set as a database for the benefits of a particular needs –a contact list. While it may be too dreamy to think about big contacts from big businesses, creating a contact list from a small-scale business and set them is peculiar in the B2B industry.

To begin with creating your own contact list, there are few considerations you have to think before collecting them online. Here are:

  1. Categorize the type of industry –search small-scale industry online and know what type of industry you want to build contact with. Whether is health, finance, education or food leads, you can divide them according to the type of market are they into.
  2. Determine the revenue –big business don’t need marketing efforts, they already have their own. While small starters are the one who need to be guided with contact list. Research for small earning industry and their target location.
  3. Know the C-levels –gather information such as CEO, marketing manager, executive secretary and the C-level employees. Gather their business contact number and
  4. Verify the information –of this businesses to ensure quality and assurance for those who will need them.
  5. Arrange its target market –see to it that these business are within range of the target market of your future client and mutual relationship can be established between the two. Know both target market to match their desired result.

Building a contact list is not easy, there are a lot of things to be considered in order to make a database that will suit the needs of your clients. With this, you can now face with your database that will surely you will be proud of.

Marketing your Marketing Services

How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, they will become an asset of the marketing strategy of the brand. Take a look at the label of your bottle and you will realize that upon buying that, you are encouraging other people to buy that product.

On the contrary, marketing firm will have to think of another strategy in marketing. Wouldn’t it be too obvious if someone will tell you they are marketing their marketing service? Do you think its kind a redundant to think that someone is actually bannering marketing too obviously? This is the main problem of which B2B marketing are having, people don’t always wanted to become a marketing tool.

  1. Being too obvious in introducing their service
  2. Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING”
  3. Business owners know advertisement more that marketing

          Being too obvious in introducing their service. Marketing service is not a joke, and looking for people who actually need it is far more than a serious joke. Marketing your marketing service is double the challenge in marketing. Imagine people hate marketers and giving them a slap face idea that you are marketing your service will make them hate you even more. Then how could we counter this?

          Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING.” In a survey in 2013 in US, it has been found out that business owners don’t exactly know and need marketing service. One reason found that, why should one need a market if the market is already in the vicinity. Right! That is correct, business owners are not so confident if other people will introduce or the right term “market” their product or service.

          Business owners know advertisement more that marketing. But why is this so? The term advertising has become a popular term especially for the masses, while marketing on the other hand became a less known and less use in terms of business propaganda. The term marketing is how we deliver the business while advertising is how we let them know about our business.

          Indeed, so to answer the main question. B2B marketers must be specific on how we deliver the term marketing to our audience. We just have to say it clear that we marketers are annoying and yes that is true but we must explain that we are just trying to help their business find potential buyers. Isn’t that easy? Now, marketer around the corner must remember the term exactly because nowadays it seems that they are only concern more of being an advertiser more than being a marketer.   

Qualifications for Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is tricky when it comes to how and why we choose such leads to be nurtured. This approach in giving of extra mile to work on with un-interested people needs not to be a narrow-filtering-funnel. When it comes to nurturing a leads, one may think that it is necessary to put on so much effort but true and not all the time. But this is just one of the many facets of which we have to include along the process.  A series of reminders the cues are listed accordingly based on the data analysis we produced. Feel free to see if you notice such cues from your leads.

  1. Your leads have a lot of queries –don’t be too happy about this because many robotic program acting like a real person will deceive you that they hold such persona in them. Remember that traffic is one of the facets in marketing by which they can be your competitor like a wolf in clothes of a sheep. Be sure to check background and verify the person behind who has been asking too many questions.
  2. Your lead is too good to be true –having a leads that qualifies all parameters in your agenda is too good to be true. Needless to say but this can be one of the scam a robot software can do. Again, verification of lead is one of the important things before anything else.
  3. Your lead is innocent –upon generating a lead, next thing is what I said is to verify them thru phone. But the story behind every telemarketer is that as if they called so many possible lead yet they don’t sound like they know the business themselves. They say that they don’t know anything about marketing or so what. This cause normally for people creating fake accounts from real people in social media.

Remember that ContactDB takes only qualified and quality lead for their clients. This is to keep our commitment in taking the business in the future.

Content Marketing in Targeting Prospects

For B2B marketing and lead generation process, prospect targeting with the use of content marketing is highly considered. Regardless the fact that competitors are out there eating out the data traffic, the good and efficient use of content marketing towards targeted prospect is a great strategy. In prospect targeting, considering the fact that your website is being visited by random yet can be categorized persona, you can divide your viewers to produce more relevant content whether if it is video blog, web content or music videos.

So before diving into making your unique content, make sure you have already qualified the type of audience you expected.

Neutral – this type of audience is new to your website or just a passerby. Since there is little interest for your content, lead generation value is depleted. Marketing method for this type is to find a way to get your audience to care or to become invested without offending them.

Hostile – this is the least audience you want on your list. They don’t care at all what is being said. So you can find a common ground, a starting point where either your audience can relate to you or you can relate to them.

Uninformed – next from the hostile, you may consider this type. They are not aware of what you are going to show, so don’t bog the audience down with too much background information.  Make sure you are still sticking to the main point you want to make in the paper.

Expert – this type is very critical towards your topic. They know and well-informed about the topic so try not to say any loophole and make sure your source are reliable. So do your research.  Don’t think that a brief overview of sources will be enough to convince this audience.

Business – this type is very timely and don’t have the pleasure to read or watch your content. So don’t waste time painting a picture or telling a story.  Get right to the point. Always make sure your audience feels as though you are considering them, not focusing on yourself.

I know you are one of these four audiences right here, so I know you can do better the next time you present your content in your marketing.

Don’t Let Them Go

When the word “Spam” is on the screen, it is dreadful to see on the inbox. However there is another “click through” link that customers never bother to click for it is the unsubscribed link. While there is email marketers that would agree that minimizing unsubscribes are in their greatest importance, it is most likely the final measurements that ought to be checked. There are so many different measurements to follow-up on: deliverability, opens and conversions. However, there is the cumulative effect of even minor reduction in the unsubscribe rate that can have a noteworthy impression on the database files and revenues over time. Looking deeper into information and data other than superficial facts can help examine the root causes of subscriber desertion and all the valuable insights of the email program altogether.

Way Ahead of the Fundamentals

A good judgment dictates that in order to uphold a fit subscriber list, the emails then need to have an additional worth. They must pass criteria of several tests: Read more

Acquiring Customer Responses with a Contact List

Response is an indication that someone is listening. An important component for telemarketing success is the contact list. This is so important that it is considered to be the foundation of business. The list of contacts provides updated contact information of both current customers and prospects. Varying goals does not matter for they can all be achieved as long as there is a contact list. Generating fresh sales leads for a marketing campaign is executed properly with a targeted list of contacts.

Leading a large marketing campaign with an inaccurate contact list will consume so much time, energy and would turn out to be a whole lot more costly in comparison to not possessing one. The usual agenda of acquiring a contact list is to save up on resources even during a marketing campaign and in order to avoid squandering assets a strong and reliable database is needed, in order to target fresh leads. Read more

Mailing List Providers – The Right Place, The Right Time

Customers and clients are the very important to any business. After all, who would the company present their products and services to? A mailing list provider gives the company any contact information of targeted customers. These lists can either be established by the company itself or by hiring brokers. Having these list providers will lessen the costs the company needs to spend and also they will get precision knowledge in which their designated customers would be. Marketing range is also expanded when the company is in touch with the right customers; their products and services are referred more to other people who can become probable customers in the future.

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Changes in Business Means Changes in the Contact Database

It should always be kept in mind that nothing stays stagnant; everything in the world is subjected to change. Through communication, a business company can always be kept informed of any new changes or developments; being in touch will always herald great opportunities for business. A contact database can help firms increase their profits and overall client foundation. With these databases, the company does not only save their expenses, but this will abolish the limit of the company’s constraint of partnership or customer entries. Hundreds or even thousands of probable business partners and customers await; it would really be great if the company can get in touch with them and would form partnerships in order to expand their businesses. But the existing customers and clients must not be overlooked too; maintaining contact with them will also increase the chances of acquiring high level of interest for business.

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Getting Results from Your CEO List: 6 Expert Tips

Still not getting the marketing results you want from your CEO list? Perhaps, all you need is a fresh take on how you should be knocking on their doors. As you may very well know, CEOs and other C-level executives are always on the hunt for better ways to get their companies ahead and keep things in that order. If you really believe you have the solutions they’re looking for, what you need to do is convey your message more effectively to that audience.

Cisco’s Petra Neiger and Marketing Associates’ Mark Petroff recently shared some very interesting insights on selling to CEOs. In a post titled “3 Secrets to Opening the CEO Door” (see link below) published in BtoB Online, both marketing experts say it takes “education, experience, and reference clients” for effective marketing with a CEO audience. While their ideas center on selling technology to the C-suite, we think these insights are still worth looking into for marketers working with any business contact list.

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