Immunization of Databases

There are many diseases all around the world that scientists, researchers and doctors have finally produced vaccinations so that people would finally be immune from these diseases. Email marketing can also develop immunity for diseases such as inactive emails or sudden changes of email addresses.

Universally speaking, statistics show that 30% of the email addresses in the list will annually change or become inactive. This figure is quoted by experts who all over the email marketing industry mention to a contagious disease in online marketing and every email database suffers from it.

Why the Worry?

Even that percentage can reduce the email program’s deliverability, open rates, click-through and overall performance. That percentage is often times referred to as “List Churn”. This condition would produce a net result of reduced revenues and profits. This does not sound so welcoming, does it? List Churn also forces marketers to spend more and more of their budget for marketing on costly customer acquisition campaigns since with a 30% annual attrition rate, the database is shrinking right in front of the marketer’s threshold. Read more

Acquiring Contact Information through a Business List Provider

When it comes to telemarketing, there is a strong need for acquiring fresh contact information. There is always a great demand for getting the right contacts for advertising campaigns. A business list provider can give the best list of contact information for the use of every company in their advertising campaigns. Precise business lists are powerful tools in advertisings; targeted business list can help companies grow quickly. Due to this fact, having a business list has become the top priority. In order to acquire a good business list, companies need to look for a good and reliable provider for business list. A precise list puts any marketer inside a competitive edge.

The contact data that is provided should be replete of errors in order to be ahead of marketing. A business list provider specializes in giving the precise niche of contacts for marketing since creating a list would require a lot of focus. The principal benefit of using business lists is to save time by coordinating contacts inside a meaningful method. Business development can be achieved with an updated business list. Provider for business list should see to it that they live up to their hiring company’s expectations and that is to provide updates in contact information. A business list provider should instill updates in contact information since this will give a competitive advantage in their sales. Business lists are ideal to use for establishing partnerships with other companies and the prerequisite to that is that the best provider for business list should have the unique and qualified prospects. Read more

5 Key Areas to Prioritize for Your Business List of Email Recipients

An insightful UK-based study collaboratively conducted by B2B Marketing and Circle Research shows current trends and benchmarks for email marketing in the B2B setting. The report highlights several key findings, most notable of which is the ranking of specific areas in a typical B2B email campaign according to priority given by study participants. These trends can be very helpful in your own campaign, especially if you’re working with a UK business list or similar contact databases.

The 2012 Email Marketing Benchmarking Report compiles results from a survey of 250 client-side B2B marketers, sharing their email best practices and strategies as well as future plans for the medium. The study finds that email is still a dominant item on the marketing agenda, citing that more than half (53%) of the respondents intend to increase email marketing spend in the future. Furthermore, participants rank a number of email campaign components that they attribute to their email marketing success.

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How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your B2B Email Content: Ideas from a Content Marketing Guru

The average corporate recipient sifts through 105 emails a day, according to IBM’s Email Deliverability Report. A study published by the Nielsen-Norman Group reveals that email users typically spend about 51 seconds reading a single newsletter. This means emails already take up 1.5 hours from the daily schedules of contacts like decision-makers in your managers business list.

Knowing that such a workload faces your contacts, what reasons would you give them to open, read, and respond to your emails?

The best answer would be distributing relevant and timely content. But, as you may fully be aware of, content doesn’t grow on trees. It takes a great deal of time and effort to think of and produce useful content. Content development is such a daunting challenge for every B2B marketer that this activity is usually delegated to someone else. However, for those who can’t find “someone else” to produce content for them on a regular basis, they have to rely on their own creativity which waxes and wanes unpredictably.

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Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #3 – Web Copy, Content, and Common Sense

Studies on web use show that the average site visitor reads only about 20% of the text on a web page. This clearly underlines the need to make every word or phrase in your web pages count. How can we make sure that our prospects get what they need, join our business list, or buy our products through our site? This blog post should help us answer this question.

business list, business list company, list of IT professionalsAs promised in the previous entry, today’s topic looks at web content – in the more traditional, non-SEO sense of the word. Here are 3 concepts you need to consider when thinking about using quality web content for marketing and selling your software products and services.


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Get Better Results Out of your Marketing Campaign with Customized, Targeted Lists

C-level executives are usually the ones that marketing teams of other companies try to get in contact with. After all, these top-ranking individuals and corporate officers have the power of making decisions for the entirety of the company they work for. It is not a wonder why many people seek to buy executive lists from list providers. But aside from just an executive list, it would be good to possess a customized, targeted list to help out in being more precise with who you target, and which companies to target.

Think about it this way. What good would an executive list do if it leads you to companies that don’t even need your products and services? There are plenty of C-level executives within other companies, even ones you don’t plan on marketing products and services to. So unlike when you buy an executive list that has no specifics as to what each lead on it is, why not get a targeted list? A precise approach may just be what you need in order to hit all the right targets and increase your sales. After all, the factor of time is still to be considered and each moment you spend being unproductive may be enough for your competitors to get to your prospective clients.

If you already have a list provider or are in search of one, find one that offers targeted lists aside from just regular marketing and business lists. Precision targeting in your marketing campaign may just be to your benefit.

Make Your Hunt for a List Provider Less of a Hassle

Using a business list may be quite beneficial to any business that wants to find more prospects and improve their rate of closing sales. However, the effectiveness of any business list also rests upon the efforts of those that generated the leads on the list. No matter how jam-packed the list is with leads, it would all be for nothing if the list provider you bought it from does not emphasize on the quality of their generated leads and just shoves them straight into their database just to increase their lead count. For the best business leads your money can buy, always seek out a good list and database provider.

However, finding the right provider to have as your list provider is also a challenge in itself as the market is already teeming with these types of companies. With that being said, determining who you should buy your lists from becomes even more of an obstacle. So, how can you know just who you should pick to buy what you need from? Read more

Small Business Marketing Tips: Turning Offline Readers into Email Subscribers

Small businesses are now integrating print and electronic media in their marketing campaigns. Aside from reaching a broader audience, this approach allows us to direct our prospects from one media form to another. Readers of offline marketing materials such as direct mail, brochures, advertisements, etc. can be redirected to register to your email business list. Here are a few content ideas to turn your offline readers in email subscribers. Read more

Business Lists for IT Companies: Well-Made and Organized IT Lists

The IT industry is amongst one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With the massive improvements in technology, entire companies and a lot more of other businesses are integrating IT with how they operate on a daily basis. Also, the development of newer and more efficient software has got many companies probing the market and opening their doors to potential IT providers who can give them better service and at much better costs. As for IT companies themselves, they actively seek out ways to obtain IT sales leads and even business lists which they can use to get in contact with IT managers and IT directors that they are are targeting.

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High-Quality Business Lists – Work with Nothing but the Best!

The quality of a business list can more than just fuel a campaign but also help it achieve success. For marketing campaigns that are heavily centered around using e-mail or direct mail, then a good list such as a mailing list or list of e-mail addresses of C-Level executives can really help to keep the campaign afloat and steer it into the right course. When it comes to success with a marketing campaign, you must never forget that having accuracy and knowing who to target is always an important part of how you can find potential clients and hit all the right ones that may show interest in doing business with you. That being said, having a business list you can make use of doesn’t always mean that your campaign will succeed.

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