3 Reasons Why We Offer a Data Verification Service

No matter what industry you cater, one thing is for sure, you need accurate and consistent information to get your business started, and to get that accurate and consistent information means you need to purchase it or make your own.

And we all know making our own data will take a lot of our time. So the only thing we can do for the time being is, to purchase a data list.

Although there are some companies that sells data, we aren’t quite sure whether these data lists are accurate and consistent. That’s why some are asking for a Verification service, which some database companies offer.

There are reasons why when you purchase a list, companies will also include a replacement service if there’s something wrong with the list you purchase. Of course, there won’t be an additional fee. Because they know that their lists aren’t perfect.

Of course, we also offer a Data Verification Service to our clients that will purchase some of our lists and here’s 5 reasons why we offer it

  1. We know that some of our Data will be inaccurate and inconsistent when we will take it out in our Database.
  2. We always give our best, but sometimes our best isn’t enough, so we try to make it up with our clients by offering them our Data Verification Service free of charge.
  3. By knowing what our clients really want, we can further our services by giving them accurate and consistent lists the next time they ask for a replacement.

When our client purchases a list, we try to make it to the point that every single list is accurate. We feel that our client deserved the best.

What makes Data purchasing worth every penny

With every purchase, we tend to rethink our decision. Whether or not our decision will be worth every penny we’ve spent. But as time passes by, our way of thinking became more rational. We often hear ourselves ask this type of question “Is this going to help me?” “Will this guarantee my business success?” “Will this last long?”  if we will purchase or not the item we need or want.

When it comes to Data purchasing, we are unaware whether it can help our business grow. We are gambling, whether this data can provide us with useful information or not. But nevertheless, we take on that gamble and with only 50% chance of having a 75% working data, we still push on our gamble to find out whether we can use the 75% of the data we purchase. But nonetheless, we are still trying to find out what makes a data purchasing worth every penny, if we are only given an 75% accurate Data.

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Data Cleansing: 4 ways to generally clean your list

You can’t avoid messing up your own Data, let alone fixing other data. Inaccurate or outdated information data can hurt your company, so it’s important for you to clean, fix and remove duplicate data. Of course, having said this, you need tools to help you clean unwanted Data from time to time.

Ensuring that your data is clean and in good working order you need to apply methods that is effective in cleaning up your data. I’ll reveal to you some of the ways I’ve learned throughout my Data Cleansing experience.

#1 Removing Duplicates Rows

Some clients will require you to clean duplicates, having said this, you need to analyze every single one of those lists to ensure that you can spot duplicates. So how can we know if it’s a duplicate? Well, it’s pretty easy considering that the name of the person, job title, number and company are the same. There are instances that the company is double but the name of that person is different, this can be considered as duplicate if the client only asks for one member of each company.

#2 Spell Check

Misspelled words can cause you a lot of misunderstanding in your data, if you want to avoid those misspelled word from happening, use a spell checker.

#3 Misusage of Formats

Maintaining a clean database means  that you need to make sure that everything must be in its proper format. If those formats are incorrect then your entire database will be in ruins. Of course, in excel it’s easy for us to properly format the list.

#4 Removing unnecessary data

To keep your list on the right track, you need to remove incorrect data and replace or search for the correct data to be inputted.


There are many ways to clean your data, you can read it or you can learn from it by practicing it every time, you are asked to do it. But only remember that you need to input the right Data in order for your data list to be accurate.